GCBC Week 19: Mother Told Me, Things Pertaining to Righteousness

I’m back-dating this to Sunday.  (I’m a little slow lately.  Moving bites. Thanks for being patient.)  We’re going to study two talks this week:

“Mother Told Me” by Elder Bradley D. Foster of the Seventy

“Things Pertaining to Righteousness” by Elder Francisco J. Vinas of the Seventy

Only 4 more weeks and 4 more talks (after this) until a new General Conference and new messages from heaven.  Both of these talks give great insights into motherhood and parenthood.  The first honors the role of motherhood and the second reminds us of our great responsibility to teach our children the things that matter most.

As you study these talks, please share in the comments any insights you have about the role of mothers.

Go here to find the media versions of the talks (audio, video, mp3, etc.).  If this is your first visit to the General Conference Book Club,  click here to learn more about it.


6 thoughts on “GCBC Week 19: Mother Told Me, Things Pertaining to Righteousness

  1. I remember hearing both these talks – they resonated with me in such a profound way. In the past, I’ve let talks on such subjects depress me, cause me to focus on all the areas in which I’m lacking. For some reason I only felt encouraged and inspired this time. I can do better, yes, and Heavenly Father knows I (and other women) need such encouragement to do so.

  2. This talk left me feeling like even though I can always do better at being a mother, that I am on the right track! Showing our children that we love them and being there for them are far more important than giving then temporal things.

    The second talk I loved that he talked about learning during the trial rather than waiting until we can look back and see how much we gained. What great pointers and ideas to help us not only get through our trials, but to learn from and make the most out of difficult times.

  3. I’ve come across this site a couple of times. I love your ideas and suggestions. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to dive into the Conf Ensign and re-read (even tho I’m always thoroughly distracted and only get to actualy HEAR 1/2 the talks). I’m going to make a weekly goal of checking here and reading the highlighted articles.

    This weeks articles hit home. I appreciate the reminders of being a mother, but also felt a sense of “honor” as I read the sweet words and compliments I guess you could say of how much we are loved by the Lord and the respect we have as mothers.

  4. One thing I loved about Elder Foster’s talk was the claim that a mother’s love represents the Savior’s love. It made me want to be better in all my interactions with my children. I certainly have room to be more loving and more compassionate, more patient and less frustrated. If their perception of the Savior’s love for them is influenced by the way I treat them, then I want to make my behavior more in line with His.
    I was touched by the way he talked about how in times of trouble, people often fall back on their mother’s love and nurturing. What a great responsibility and blessing that is.

  5. Found you through Cocoa’s blog today. Loved your post. You kept me chuckling all the way through! 🙂

    I also love your idea of the conference talk book club! I am kind of doing a marathon read through before October conference. Reading one a day . . . today I read this one by Elder Foster. A few thoughts that stuck out to me were . . . “A distraction doesn’t always have to be evil to be effective.”

    I also liked his comment about being a rancher and how at that particular time out on the open land “the pace was slow and provided [him] some time to think.” I guess I found that profound because in the craziness of life I think we all crave that slow pace allowing us time to think.

    I will try to stop by again . . . thanks again!

    Judi 🙂

  6. Similar to Stephanie, I was really touched by Elder Foster’s comparison of a mother’s love with that of Christ’s. It makes me want to do better and be more of a window to His love.

    I also thought a lot about how we as mothers can be there for our children. Elder Foster said that when they are ready to come back, “it seems our children almost always turn first toward Mother….” I need to work now on the relationship with my children so that when they are ready to talk, they will readily turn to me and I will be there.

    There are certain words that now bring me to attention: consistent, deliberate, and essential. Elder Vinas uses “essential” to describe our role in teaching and helping our children understand “things pertaining to righteousness.” As I see my kindergartener learn the routine of school, I can’t help but think how I can assist her in establishing righteous habits.

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