Girl humor

Today Natalie (age 3) referred to this movie:

as “Lady and the Cramp.”  Does anyone else find this as funny as I do?

I’m thinking it would be a great rewrite/parody.  Remember the song the hootchie girl dog sings in the dog pound prison?  Maybe she could sing it like this:  “It’s a Cramp, and I hate it …”  And after Lady gets out of the clink, can you imagine the PMS-induced wrath that Mr. Street Dog would get?  I don’t think it would be a spaghetti kiss, put it that way.

What would you write into the story if  you were the screenwriter for Lady and the Cramp?


6 thoughts on “Girl humor

    • Too bad if there’s lots and lots of chocolate, the dogs would all die in the end! LOL! But that’s how it feels some times, right? Lady and the Cramp….*snicker*

  1. this was very funny for me…. yesterday was one of those days…. thanks for the laugh. I’m wondering about the muzzle thing and how the Tramp takes Lady to the zoo to get the muzzle off…. maybe he would leave the muzzle on and put her down for a nap, along with all the other female animals in the zoo. The tramp and all the male animals could take the babies shopping (so it’s nice and quiet for the girls to sleep) and then come home and fix and clean up dinner! that’s what I would like 🙂

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