Conversations that make you wonder

So in this whole we-might-be-moving mess, Natalie somehow got it into her mind that if we buy a new house, we’re getting a dog.  We’re not.  But she was telling Grandma all about it on the phone today, and when Grant overheard her, he began speaking over her loudly trying to remind her that we’re not getting a dog until he’s 13 (because I said that once, and I might play dumb in 6 years when he tries to remind me).  This is how the rest of the conversation went, to the best of my memory:

Grant:  “NO, Natalie.  Not yet.  When I’m 13 we’re gonna get a dog.”

Clark chimed in:  “Kids don’t live until they’re 13.”

Grant: “Yes they do!  How do you think kids turn into adults then?”

Clark:  “We’ll, some kids fall down the stairs before they’re 13 and die.”

He has a point you, know.  I’m thinking maybe I took the baby gates down a little too early.

Update:  House goes on the market on Friday.  Driving to my parents’ home on Saturday, Sunday and maybe a little bit of Monday.  When I arrive, I may take a 36-hour nap.  Sorry, mom.  I promise I’ll take care of my children after that.


10 thoughts on “Conversations that make you wonder

  1. I’ve sold some houses in my day and it’s never fun. Hope the process is an painless as possible for you. And yes, yes… a nap that long would be heavenly!

  2. We’re in the same boat! Moving and not blogging! I’m so behind that I missed the post where you first mentioned it. We’re not selling because we owe more on our home than it’s worth, but we’re trying to rent it out. We’ve found another house that will be perfect for us, and we really feel like it’s where God wants us. Now we’re just having faith that it’ll work out!

    (easier said than done, of course)

  3. I, too, have missed the initial announcement. I assume it has to do with Matt’s having finished law school (woot woot!). Where to? Impart details, por favor!

    And for heaven’s sake, buy your kids a dog. Sheesh, what kinda mother are you??

  4. That looks just like the dog I grew up with! Our kids want a dog. I keep telling them a baby is better but so far no one believes me.

  5. Hi, I stopped by to look at your blog from western ny. That coversation sounds EXACTLY like what my boys say all the time. Little boys are so funny!

  6. It is such a good idea to write down the cute things our kids say, because we forget them within minutes otherwise.

    Good luck with selling the house!

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