GCBC Week 16: That Our Children Might See the Face of the Savior

General Conference Book Club Week 16:

In the Sunday morning session of General Conference, Sister Cheryl Lant taught a message called  “That Our Children Might See the Face of the Savior”

“None of us will be the perfect example for our children, but we all can become worthy parents and leaders. Our striving to be worthy is an example in itself. We may feel as though we are failing at times, but we can keep on trying. With the Lord and through Him, we can be strengthened to be who we need to be. We can do what we need to do.”

It’s a great reminder to put more focus on the Savior– in our families, with our children and in our own personal role as a parent.  Please share some of your thoughts as you study this talk by Sister Lant.

Go here to find the media versions of the talk (audio, video, mp3, etc.).  If this is your first visit to the General Conference Book Club,  click here to learn more about it.