How you too can become the world’s lamest blogger

Put your house on the market.

Seriously, if you were looking for a way to get out of blogging, making dinner, or any other important life plans or obligations, just decide to sell your house. You’ll spend 73 hours a day priming, painting, cleaning, decluttering, planting flowers, making phone calls, and stressing yourself out of your mind.

Thanks for all your great comments and advice on my previous post.  I’m working through my uncertainties, mostly by doing my as-willing-as-I-can-muster-up part and putting the rest in the hands of God.  He usually gets it right.

I will post some before and after pictures later and you’d better oooh-and-aaah over them as if I’d just given birth.  In the meantime, please be patient with me.  The few brain cells I have left are currently being destroyed by paint fumes.

p.s.  The second the house is actually on MLS, I’m packing up my children in the van and driving across the country to my parents’ house.  Keep my house clean enough for showings at any given moment?  *snort*  I’m no fool.

oh, and one more p.s.:   I know I’m being cryptic about the details– Partly because of privacy/safety and partly because some of the details of the potential move are completely contingent upon selling the house.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet.  I’ll fill in the blanks more a little later down the road.