Blog post, deconstructed.

That’s a fancy way of saying totally unorganized and random.

Cuisine, deconstructed:

Architecture, deconstructed:

Blog post, deconstructed:

  1. I stained my deck yesterday.  The whole thing.  All by myself.  Do they make trophies for that?
  2. Has anyone out there ever moved somewhere that was on your top 10 list of places you didn’t want to move?  Please advise.  I’m trying to digest a possibility.
  3. You know the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia movie?  I think she and I probably use the the same foundation color.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a (not orange) self-tanner that doesn’t stink?  I hate the smell.
  4. I grew up as a dog lover.  I worked for a breeder and memorized all the different kind of dog breeds.  But I now have no interest in having dog.  Is this a phenomenon of having children?  Also, people who treat dogs like children drive me nuts. (Think kisses, silverware, and baby talk.)
  5. I love House Hunters International on HGTV.  I think I might buy a house in Costa Rica when Matt’s not looking.
  6. I wonder how much I would weigh if I only ate chocolate and potatoes.  Not together, of course.
  7. I cried at Toy Story 3.  I don’t know what that says about me, but I’m pretty sure it’s not “Wow, she’s young and hip.”  Does anybody even say “hip” anymore?  I’m a dork.
  8. I studied Alma 50 this week and got some really cool insights about the importance of making my home a stronghold:  intentional protection, keep the enemy out, actively fight evil, and realize that happiness can exist even in the midst of dangerous threats.  It made a great FHE lesson when the kids drew pictures of what was happening step-by-step in verses 1-6, and then we talked about keeping our home safe (spiritually).
  9. Natalie is a great little errand buddy.  I love my little girl.  Who knew I could have a 3-year-old best friend?
  10. Friends are a wonderful thing.  It’s amazing how a little kindness can make a bad day better in no time at all.