The truth in play.

Have you ever noticed how much your kids reflect truth in the way they play with their toys?

Like I overheard Natalie playing with her dolls the other day, and she declared that Claudine Scarlet (don’t you love Cabbage Patch Kid names?) had a bladder infection. Sigh. Obviously a recurring theme in her life.

When they play games together, Grant is the Boss-of-all-things-living and barks out instructions the whole time. Occasionally, I hear him saying things like, “If you don’t come over here right now, then you can’t play anymore and you have to go to your room!” Gee, I wonder where he gets that from ? . . .

My boys have never been into action figures like the way I figured most boys would be, but they use their Webkinz as a substitute. They chase each other around and attack one another and repeat over and over their cool ninja-Webkinz moves in slow-motion instant replay. It’s pretty funny. Sometimes I hear conversations like this: “I killed Comet, Clark!” “Yeah, but he resurrected, so he can never die again.” At least they pay attention a little at scripture time.

This morning, I heard Natalie “reading” a book– one of her favorite activities. She’s only three and doesn’t really read, but looks at the pictures and makes up her own detailed plot page by page. Today I heard her creating the conversation between a mommy and her child in the book: “It’s YOUR mess, so YOU have to clean it up.” Right on, storybook mom, right on!

What kind of truths, embarrassing or otherwise, have you seen reflected in your child’s play?