The best-laid plans

For three days, I have had ONE goal: change the sheets on my bed. Have you ever had those kind of days when even your “let’s-not-be-too-demanding-on-ourselves” goals overreach your ability to get them done? I was so confident that yesterday I would actually get my bed stripped and re-made that I cut my kids toenails on my bed. Last night after they were asleep, I watched a recorded episode of American Idol to let my mind decompress for a little while, and then gathered up all my courage to tackle the magnificent task at hand. I knew Matt would think it strange to arouse him from his reading to change the sheets, but I was determined that it should finally be done.

I walked into the room to see him snoring on the bed with his book across his chest. Oh good grief.

And now here it is, almost 6 pm the next day, and all I’ve done is strip the bed. (And you need not point out that any rational person would be washing sheets instead of blogging. If I were of sound mind, this post would not even be necessary.)

Oh, and I’m fasting today for the care of a loved one, but I kept forgetting I was fasting. I took a bite of Clark’s ravioli, and a sip of Grant’s Sierra Mist, and both times bristled and reprimanded myself upon remembering my fast. I can only hope that God can look at my ransacked home and unmade beds and accept my pseudo-fast on the grounds that their neglect is in part due to trying to tend to others’ needs.

I just hope I don’t have to sleep in toenails again tonight.


20 thoughts on “The best-laid plans

  1. My goal today? Fold the monstrous laundry pile that occupies our couch.

    Me: 0
    Clothes: 10 (Meaning I have had the same goal for 10 days straight.) (I pretty much rock.)

  2. Can I tell you how many times I’ve slept on a bed with only the bedspread on it because the sheets were stripped earlier in an attempt to get it done, but were left languishing in the washing machine? No I cannot. It would be too humiliating.

    I under perform my shoot-for-the-trees-because-the-moon-is-too-far goals on a daily basis. Sometimes I don’t even get out the bow and arrow at all.

  3. Getting the sheets off the bed is half the battle… cause you know you can’t sleep in a bed without sheets. I desperately need to change the sheets on my bed. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do it!

    As for kid’s sheets… we just bought bunk beds for our boys in preparation for the new baby joining Lucy in her room. Oh dear. How will I ever remember to change the sheets on the top?

  4. Oh, I hear you! For me the hardest part is remembering to put them back after they get washed.
    Night comes and I get to our bedroom, dreaming of my incoming dreams…. only to realize the sheets are still in my washer/dryer… (please!!)

  5. A frequent comment at our house is “do you want me to put the sheets on the bed?” “NO!” (he does it wrong!) So it always get’s made before we get into bed, but I won’t say how many days it’s been between washings! Glad I’m not alone!

  6. Yep. It’s universal. One thing we did to solve this little problem was to buy a 2nd set of sheets, and they live in the closet. So we strip the bed, and immediately put on the 2nd set. That way, when the 1st set goes to laundry purgatory, we can still get into a nice, fresh bed that night. Yay for no toenails!!

  7. I have a second set of sheets as well. It does make it a little easier to put on new sheets once the dirty ones come off. The only problem – actually taking the initiative to take off the dirty ones. I’m a horrible morning bed maker so for me sometimes I change the sheets just to get the sheets and blankets realigned.

  8. Yesterday, the baby spit up on the bed. I looked at the little pile on the bed, right next to the stain from the incident with the children’s Tylenol from earlier in the week, feebly wiped at both with a Kleenex, then made the bed. What my husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

    And you people wash your kids’ sheets? Really?

  9. No lie, I was just thinking yesterday that I should put a poll up in my sidebar about how often people change their sheets just so I could feel better about myself when I saw their answers. Whatever disorder those people on Hoarders have, I have the same version of it only it manifests in never getting my sheets changed. I swear it’s a mental block and I have no idea why. So weird.

  10. I absolutely love the feel and smell of clean sheets on my bed. You’d think I would change my sheets every day so I could experience it. But, no, I’m one of the ones whose sheets stay on a little too long.

    My mother changed sheets every Saturday without fail. It gives me a little bit of a guilt trip to think of it. The sheets were hung out to dry on a clothes line and had the freshest smell you could imagine when we went to bed on Saturday nights. No company that I know of has been able to put that smell in a dryer sheet yet.

  11. I love when I read a blog and realize that there are people just like me! It is embarrassing to admit what we actually sleep in and how often sheets go unwashed even with good intentions.

  12. I have those kind of days way too often. I totally get it. And I really hope that you didn’t have to sleep in toenails again.

    And I’m positive your fast was plenty worthy in the Lord’s eyes. He knows.

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