“I can’t see that!”

The last few days have been more involved in the world of medicine than I might have chosen.  Among other things, Natalie managed to get another urinary tract infection while taking a 90-day supply of preventative antibiotics.  We’ll see what the next round of procedures will bring, but all indications say it may include anesthesia.

I force her to take regular potty breaks, and she wants me to hang out with her in the bathroom, so I do.  As I stood in the doorway today, looking at her lovely blue eyes and kissable rosy cheeks, I smiled.

“Natalie, you’re really pretty.”

“I can’t see it.”

“You have a pretty face and a cute new shirt and pretty black flower in your hair, and you look pretty.”

She rolled her little eyes around in their sockets trying to see her own face and hair.

“I can’t see that!”

“I know, but I can.  And you’re pretty.”

And I thought how true that is for all of us.  We are lovely— living lives of service, adorned with sacrifice and affection— but our eyes don’t spin around that far, and we don’t see how beautiful we are.

Something inside me tells me that somewhere a Heavenly parent smiles on me in much the same way and reassures, “You can’t see it, but I can.”

When a parent overlooks shortcomings and just sees the goodness in someone, I believe it’s a small dose of how God sees all of us who are trying to love Him and serve Him:

Genesis 6: 8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

What better thing to see reflected back in someone’s eyes than grace, especially coming from the eyes of someone you love and are trying so hard to please?

Jeremiah 1: 5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee.

Prov. 5: 21 For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings.

Doctrine and Covenants 124:1 (This was spoken to a prophet, but I believe it can be applied to us in our own realms and responsibilities.) “I am well pleased with your offering and acknowledgments, which you have made; for unto this end have I raised you up, that I might show forth my wisdom through the weak things of the earth.”
Come to think of it, it seems like the absolute best place for us to ever see ourselves clearly is in the grace-laden reflection of God’s eyes.  After all, no matter how hard we try to make our own eyes see things, we’re much better off with the help of the One who sees things as they really are, and … things as they really will be”  (Jacob 4:13).  I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel pretty.

18 thoughts on ““I can’t see that!”

  1. You’re such a gem. Both as an inspiring writer and as a mom. How many times have I felt within myself the sadness of “not being able to see it”? I love the reminder that I might not see it, but my Heavenly Father does.

    You know who else does? My husband. He’s so good about things like that. It pays to marry well, girls!!

  2. Love this sentiment–so true and something we need to hear often. It is really easy to forget we are children of a loving Heavenly Father who loves us and sees the best in us–all of our potential and abilities to become like Him. I am grateful for your ability to recognize the spiritual implications in everyday life experiences.

  3. I hope your able to come to some resolution with sweet Natalie. UTIs are no fun for anyone.

    I love your gospel insights, too. It’s your ability to see the simple things that I envy and admire.

  4. Honestly, this post makes me both scared and excited to have a daughter. I think confidence is so important for girls (all kids, really) and it’s a lot harder to instill than we’d like to think. (Not that Natalie’s not confident…….I’m just rambling…..) And I hope she gets better soon!

  5. I’ve had a rotten day. And I tried really hard to make it awesome. Your post sounds good, but I guess right now I’m not yep open to encouragement.

    Wanted to say that your daughter really is beautiful. You have good genes.

  6. Thanks for the tears! And your daughter is beautiful. And good luck with the UTIs–no fun! My daughter went through a couple of years of that but she outgrew the issue causing the problems–Thank heavens.

  7. I agree. I think Satan spends alot of time keeping us from seeing this. It does take spiritual eyes, to see ourselves the way we really are, and I struggle with keeping that growing knowledge of who I really am in the forefront of things. and yes. Natalie is pretty.and so is her Mom.

  8. “I raised you up, that I might show forth my wisdom through the weak things of the earth.” Man, I seriously love that bit of scripture. It gives me so much to think about.

  9. Oh Stephanie, this is so, so beautiful. And having just read your last post and can’t help thinking that you can’t see it. You’re so hard on you!

    My plan to divulge all my secret household messes for the amusement and uplifting of all is now decided. In other words, you’ve got nothing on me!

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts you had – you’re touching hearts. You’re amazing.

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