The best-laid plans

For three days, I have had ONE goal: change the sheets on my bed. Have you ever had those kind of days when even your “let’s-not-be-too-demanding-on-ourselves” goals overreach your ability to get them done? I was so confident that yesterday I would actually get my bed stripped and re-made that I cut my kids toenails on my bed. Last night after they were asleep, I watched a recorded episode of American Idol to let my mind decompress for a little while, and then gathered up all my courage to tackle the magnificent task at hand. I knew Matt would think it strange to arouse him from his reading to change the sheets, but I was determined that it should finally be done.

I walked into the room to see him snoring on the bed with his book across his chest. Oh good grief.

And now here it is, almost 6 pm the next day, and all I’ve done is strip the bed. (And you need not point out that any rational person would be washing sheets instead of blogging. If I were of sound mind, this post would not even be necessary.)

Oh, and I’m fasting today for the care of a loved one, but I kept forgetting I was fasting. I took a bite of Clark’s ravioli, and a sip of Grant’s Sierra Mist, and both times bristled and reprimanded myself upon remembering my fast. I can only hope that God can look at my ransacked home and unmade beds and accept my pseudo-fast on the grounds that their neglect is in part due to trying to tend to others’ needs.

I just hope I don’t have to sleep in toenails again tonight.