General Conference Book Club Week 1: Your favorites

We have been richly taught and spiritually edified. . . . As we read and study [these talks], we will be additionally taught and inspired.”  — President Thomas S. Monson, today.


Well, it was a feast, wasn’t it?  Isn’t it great how the meat of the gospel can both fill us and fuel us?

And so, in an effort to remember, study, and apply the principles taught this weekend, a new round of the General Conference Book Club begins.  Here’s how it works:

The goal is to read one General Conference talk a week and discuss it together as an on-line “book club.”

(If you’re not familiar with General Conference or the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, go here and here and here for more information.)

A new talk will be posted each Sunday.

You don’t have to do anything to “join” the club– You can just visit the Sunday post at any time during the week and share thoughts, findings, favorite quotes, applications, even questions from the talk of the week. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to subscribe to comments from the post so that we can read each other’s insights and have a “real book club” conversation.  (There are two ways to do this:  1. Below the actual talk post, click on Comments RSS below the “Actions” list to subscribe to an RSS feed for comments, or 2. click the little box under the “Submit Comment” button so that comments are emailed to you.)   Or of course, you can just check back often to see what folks are saying.

My own plan is to try and use the talk as a guide for my personal scripture study throughout the week.  First I’ll read the talk all the way through, then look up and read all the scripture references he quoted, and then break the talk down into segments to study them carefully and try to find other related scriptures that help me understand it better.  Feel free to share any ideas of how you plan to study or apply the talks we read.  (You’re allowed to do this however you want.  You can simply have a goal to read the talk before the week is over, and that’s good, too.)

Here’s a little button you can put on your own blog if you’d like to.  Feel free to invite friends (the real kind and bloggy kind as well) to participate.  The more the merrier.  You can link it directly to this page or to the host page at since it has all the instructions for the Book Club challenge.


And try to comment when you’ve read each article, even something as simple as “I did it.”  Then we have a certain motivation/accountability to each other to meet our goal of reading all the talks from the previous General Conference. The objective is to read the words of the living prophets and learn from them.  Our book club community is for sharing and encouraging, but please don’t feel pressure that you have to come around and make profound insights or write eloquent summaries.  Just show up and be counted!

Next Sunday, we will begin with our very first talk.  (They will be available online by Thursday.)  It will post sometime Sunday, usually in the evening, and then you can read it and comment at any point during the week and be part of a discussion group about the principles learned.

For Week 1, starting now, I would love to hear some of your favorite snippets from General Conference this weekend:  favorite quotes, thoughts about overall themes, most poignant talks, your experience and testimony of General Conference overall, etc.  You can bet I’ll have plenty to say in the comments; good luck getting a word in edgewise. 🙂  Welcome back to those of you who have been here all along, and a genuine welcome to newcomers as well.


66 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club Week 1: Your favorites

  1. Well. I had a hard time paying attention because my children were re-enacting some kind of primitive uprising, but I did come away with the sense that my heart is harder than it should be, and that I really need to work on that. I also love, love, LOVED President Monson’s talk on service. That was a great platform talk for him, since I think that’s really his call and his focus. Good times.

    Back to the natives.

  2. I went into this conference with some real questions about how to improve as a parent.

    Right in the first session, they were answered by Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar and Elder Osguthorpe. Amazing.

    I loved the themes of love and service throughout the entire conference.

    But my very favorite talk has to be Elder Holland’s. I have really been struggling with some questions, because my brother and his wife chose to leave the Church a few months ago. Elder Holland’s talk left me in tears, answered all of my questions, and left me wishing that my brother were watching. Maybe he was. I can only hope.

  3. I have to agree that Elder Holland’s talk was by far my favorite. I was washing some dishes as I was listening, and I found that I had to stop. It was sooo powerful. I found myself wishing that everyone could hear that talk… could you doubt between his logic, and the overpowering feeling of the spirit that accompanied it? I felt it in a blast.

    I also felt that the overriding theme of the conference was personal improvement. Kind of an evaluate where you are and step higher kind of thing. All around it was wonderful and I can’t wait to study it in further detail.

  4. I’m finally ready to join in! I loved conference! I “watched” it all with my 4 kids (7 and under) so I look forward to actually being able to study the talks more in depth. Between shushing (and threatening!) I was able to pick a few that are early favorites. I loved Elder Oaks talk on Love vs. Law..very poignant. I really needed Elder Bednar’s counsel on expressing love more to my family both in word and deed (my family needed me to hear that as well!) and I loved the examples of the children’s service shared by Pres. Monson. He just always has the best stories and real life examples. I am excited to participate and really take this opportunity to not just read, but really study the words of our prophets, apostles and other church leaders.
    PS…I also really loved “mind the gap” from the women’s broadcast.

  5. I’m going to come back later with some specifics from my notes, but the main “themes” that stood out to me were: Love and commandments, Personal revelation, Integrity vs. Hypocrisy, and Service and Charity. Really, really good stuff. Favorites for me off the top of my head– Uctdorf, Bednar, Holland.

    • I loved all of Sunday’s talks. (I haven’t watched Saturday’s yet. I recorded those sessions to watch with Curt being that he had to work)
      They were all so powerful and uplifting. I loved Pres. Monson of service…warm fuzzies, 80 yr old lady on ladder, Holland of the Book of Mormon. I almost wanted to jump up and say Amen and Hallalujia (sp?) Not to mention that he had Hyrums BOM!
      Iron Rod was mentioned a few times. Probably because so many people are letting go of it. Wayward children…I could go on and on with all that inspired me and to ponder on all that was said. I am truly blessed to have been able to listen to conf. and those who lead and love us and want us to be better people.
      My heart and head are so full, that I am having a difficult time putting my thoughts in an organized manner…..

  6. I didn’t take notes, so I will have to go back and really read the talks, because I get who said what jumbled up.

    BTW, I saw what you wrote on Melanie’s blog. Haha. I don’t have kids and I have a full time job that has a lot of down time. Reading blogs isn’t too hard for me. And I sometimes skim. I have yet to meet a blogger who doesn’t at times. But honestly, I usually read the entire post.

  7. I hope to keep up. My favorite part of conference was watching all the General Authorities talking and chatting before conference. I loved watching President Monson come in shake everyone’s hand, give his daughter a little arm hug, and touch his wife sweetly. I really like at the end of first session of conference, he gave Elder Packer a huge hug. His love is so real! As for my favorite talks, I loved Elder Osguthorpe’s. I loved how a shy child gained strength and confidence. This will be a great parenting guide for my oldest, who is also very shy!

    • Oh yeah, I also loved Elder Osguthorpe’s talk!! I love that he said something to the effect of “when inspiration came, she closed the manual.” We don’t need to stick to the manuals when the Spirit directs us otherwise. It’s kind of scary going off on your own, but really, you’re not on your own at all!

  8. It’s interesting to hear what everyone got for the theme. Just goes to prove that we all get what we need out of it, don’t we? I felt like It was (or maybe just for me, it was) “Keep your covenants, behave yourselves, serve others, and we’ll all come out of this thing okay.”

  9. I am so looking forward to doing this again. There were so many wonderful talks (and a few that I didn’t get the full effect of because of my children’s antics). My favorites, off the top of my head, were Elder Bednar, Elder Holland, and Pres. Uchtdorf. I think that may always be my list of favorites, though.

  10. I have NEVER heard a more powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon than the one we heard from Elder Holland today. I watched it twice. I also enjoyed Elder Christofferson’s remarks about moral relativism, and Elder Clayton’s comments about reasons we encounter opposition and trials in our lives. And that barely scratches the surface! All of it was wonderful — and for the first time since our twins became mobile, we actually had a pleasant experience watching conference with our children. A post on my own blog to follow!

  11. I’ll comment before I read the other comments, so I don’t get side-tracked! 🙂 A couple of themes that popped out for me were service, virtue or integrity, and personal revelation. Lately, I’ve felt like the General Authorities are saying, “Okay, I think you’ve got it. Here’s a little reminder, but otherwise, you can do this without us spelling it out.” Like with the whole “Relief Society meetings” thing, she basically said there won’t be a manual on this – the wards each need to decide the guidelines for their own wards.

    Specific talks that stuck out to me were Elder Bednar (being more diligent and concerned at home), President Uchtdorf (love for God and love for neighbors), Elder Watson (temperance – a direct answer to my question about how to balance everything!), and President Monson (“And what did you do for someone today?”)

    Conference left me wanting to become better in general, and also gave me specific things to work on in order to do that!

    • I loved the emphasis on personal revelation. I felt like they’re saying, “You NEED to figure out how the Lord talks to you, and stop being lazy about it. Solicit His voice and then pay attention.” That was an awesome recurring message.

  12. You want our favorite highlights? My notes are like a novel! So I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. Saturday Morning: Elder Scott and Sister Matsumori’s talk on Personal Revelation/Spiritual Guidance; Elder Osguthorpe’s talk AIM HIGH; definately Elder Bednar’s talk on Setting families in order and being mor diligent with concerns at home by consistently expressing and showing love, consistently declaring and living our testimonies and most of all being consistent. I loved how he used his painting of the wheat “each prayer, FHE and scripture study is a brush stroke on the canvas of our souls”. President Uchtdorf “What defines us as members of His church?”

    Saturday Afternoon: Elder Oaks Agency: Our power to choose; Elder Watson learning to be temperate in all things is a spiritual gift and Elder Neil Andersen “Come unto Him and sprititually be wrapped in His arms.

    Priesthood Session is available on Listend to President Monson–Anger and President Eyring I loved his analogy of consecrated oil and how it has to be prepared. President Eyring went onto say “Those who are prepared will be ready to answer.” Powerful!

    Sunday Morning: President Eyring–“Please, No Empty Chairs!” I cried like a baby! Bishop Burton and the “ity” virtues. “We need to stand tall and be fixed.” “The ‘ity’ virtures must never be forgotten.” Sister Dibb! Love Sister Dibb. What is our safety equipment? I am so reready and studing Lehi’s vision and I loved the how she stated “we are invited to ‘Get A Grip’ am I wondering on strange roads?” “Hold onto the Iron Rod and don’t let go!” Russel M. Nelson–Ask/Seek/Knock. What do we need to loose before listening to the counsel from the Lord? “Patience and perserverance are part of our eternal progression.” President Monson–“What have I done for someone today?” “We find ourselves taking care of the things that don’t matter in the eternal skeem of things over the important issues that matter the most.”

    Sunday Afternoon: Elder Holland–Where do I start? Oh, from His testimony in April’s conference to now! WOW! His testimony and witness to truth touched the depths of my soul and I pray it touched the depths of every soul that was within listening ears!! Elder Brent H. Nielson–Teach all Nations, Lenghten your stride, Expand your vision. D. Todd Christofferson–“in times of war should not the moral code be relaxed?” “We all have the gift of moral agency, we have the power to choose.”

    These are some of my notes and I know they are not quoted word for word, but my cup runneth over! I can not wait to study the talks each week. They are such a guide to me in my life.

    I listened to conference with many questions and concerns. I know that some have been answered, others will take time and patience. Enjoy your week everyone. I am thankful that “The Lord prepared us. If we listen to His words, He is ever mindful of us.” President Monson

      • We have a great tradition that my hubby and boys come home and tell us in detail about the priesthood session. They take notes and use those to tell us all about it, it takes about an hour usually to hear their rundown. So I knew that President Monsons talk and Elder Choi, as well as the rest of the session were amazing. I think priesthood is always my favorite session, maybe because of the anticipation to hear it. Well, this is the first time I realized that you can come home and hear it… so last night and this morning I enjoyed hearing those amazing talks. President Monson’s thoughts about anger really capped off all the feelings I had gotten about needing to love better during confernce. Love was a huge them wasn’t it. And Elder Choi’s example of the amazing things that can happen as we love others… WOW.
        I just love general conference.
        I teach seminary and we are off this week, but I am bursting to get back there and talk about conference.
        Thanks for your site and the opportunity to read so many thoughts.

  13. I thought Elder Holland’s talk was powerful we all worry about the things going on around the world when you should worry about our spiritual well being the most.
    Prophecies regarding the last days often refer to large-scale calamities such as earthquakes, famines or floods, which may be linked to widespread economic or political upheavals of one kind or another, said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve in his Sunday afternoon conference address.

    However, Elder Holland said there is one kind of latter-day destruction or a kind of spiritual destruction, of which the Savior warned that in the last days even those of the “covenant,” the very elect, could be deceived by the enemy of truth.
    Copied from Desert News

  14. Just looking at our Conference Wall the themes that stick out the most are LOVE, HOLY GHOST/REVELATION/INSPIRATION, & SERVICE.

    Elder Holland is one of my favorite speakers and just coming off of last week when I taught his conference talk from April in RS…..well it was extremely powerful for me.

    I so enjoyed hearing all the different aspects of love that were talked about – love for ourselves, our families, the poor, others, etc. My kids are asking if they can fill a jar with warm fuzzies so I’m sure we’ll be having a FHE lesson on that soon. =)

    On a personal level, the talk I needed to hear most was Elder Bednar’s. I can’t wait to begin participating in these discussions!

  15. I rewound Elder Bednar’s talk and watched it a couple more times. And I LOVED Elder Holland’s talk. I just want to take him by the hand and say, “Come with me. There are some people I want you to say all of that to. Just like that!”

    He’s really become the “answere of the critics”, hasn’t he?

    I heard that Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk in the Priesthood session was fabulous, so I can’t wait to read that one.

    And I have to say, when the choir sang, “Love is Spoken Here” I bawled like a baby. What an amazing arrangement!!

    • I thought to myself, “Man I would love to speak with that kind of conviction.” Then I realized I think I could, given the right opportunity. Maybe I just need to pray for it. (Like a missionary opportunity, silly, I’d be a crazed lunatic if I prayed for an opportunity to speak at General Conference.”

      And before the Sunday morning conference, the choir sang “Come thou Fount.” I cannot hear that song and that arrangement without goosebumps. Yep, beautiful music.

  16. Wow! I don’t know where to start! It was such a wonderful conference. I made a real affort to better prepare myself for it, and I am richly fed because of it. So many of my own personal questions were answered. I know what I need to do, now I just need to DO IT!

    Some themes I noticed were “The Love of God,” “Seeking Spiritual Guidance,” and “Doing the Seemingly Small Things”- that exact phrase was said a lot! Hmmm….I think I needed to hear that!

    Some of my favorite talks were Elder Bednar’s- Public bearing of testimony when faith is absent at home is hypocrisy! Wow! I loved Elder Uchdorf’s- Love should be our walk and our talk.

    I loved what was said about running faster than we are able (I don’t who it was because we listened to it on the radio and didn’t hear his name)- “The Lord would never expect us to do more than our best because that would not be just. However, he would never accept less than our best because that would not be just either.”

    I also really enjoyed what I was able to hear of the Temperance talk. I really needed that one! In fact, I feel it was in direct answer to my prayers, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    President Monson’s talk on service was so inspiring and then with the choir singing “Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?” the Spirit really spoke to me.

    To Elder Hollands talk, all I can is WOW!

    I also really enjoyed the talk on maintaining a mighty change of heart. I also can’t wait to get my hands on Elder Christofferson’s talk on self-discipline. That was another one for me.

    They were all so good, and I’m so excited for them to be available online because, as we all know, with kids it’s hard to hear all of it.

    I feel so spiritually nourished, and I don’t want to get hungry! I’m so excited to participate in your GC study group. You’re awesome!

  17. What a great idea. I love it. I would love to participate.

    All the talks were FANTASTIC. I felt like we were being taught about personal revelation, service, love,

    Elder Holland’s talk was incredibly powerful. I loved when Pres. Monson talked about our “being in the thick of thin things”. I was deeply moved by Elder Scott’s words on receiving personal revelation.

  18. Elder Holland’s witness of the Book of Mormon was just incredible.

    And I also loved Elder Bednar’s talk. The part about not being embarrassed to share your testimony with your family and kids- I know that I need to work on that. And the fact that it is important to be consistent with prayers/scripture study/FHE. Sometimes we wonder what the point is with such young kids. We have even said, “Maybe we’ll just start in a year or so, so that they will actually get something from it.” We just need to do it, even if they are both throwing tantrums.

    • I just had the throwing tantrums experience during family scripture study on Monday. My husband was ready to give up, but thanks to Elder Bednar, I said, “Do you want them to remember us giving up if they were loud, or us reading even WHEN they were loud?”

  19. I’ll be joining in! This conference was extremely difficult for me to pay attention to, and now I’m feeling a bit guilty and disappointed in myself. So I would love to join in.

    I loved Elder Bednar’s talk. I think I do a pretty good job telling my family I love them, but I need to be MUCH more consistent when it comes to family scripture study and home evening.

  20. I really enjoyed the choir arrangements on Saturday session. When Bountiful/Farmington choirs were there and Dr; Huff was the director. Music has such a powerful effect on me and it just sets he tone for the rest of the meeting. I really enjoyed Pres. Monson’s talk on service.
    I look forward when makes conference available. I love to read the conference talks. Sometimes I think I get more out of it when I read the talks again and ponder what each person has said.

  21. Elder Holland, of course! This is a talk that I will read over and over and over simply because I know that every time I do, I will have a strengthened testimony and I will feel “on fire” with truth. Amazing stuff.

  22. I love this idea! I can’t wait to start reading the talks again. I loved Elder Bednar’s talk on strengthening the family. President Monson’s talk on service was amazing. I think I may start a warm fuzzy jar for our family.

  23. I thought about participating last time I discovered this book club, but obviously didn’t.

    I join the ranks of those who felt filled to overflowing from this wonderful conference. Here are a few of my favorites: (actually, the entire 1st session is my favorite)

    Pres. Monson “sometimes we live side by side but do not communicate heart to heart.”

    Richard G. Scott talked about trying to savor the flavor of a grape with a jalepeno pepper in your mouth. What an apt description of trying to feel of the gentle nudgings of the spirit when your mind is in some state of turmoil.

    I liked the list of ways to know the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost shared by Sis. Matsumori.

    Pres. Uchtdorf entreated us to listen for the Lord’s voice everywhere and listed many places it can be found.

    Jorge F. Zeballos said it is possible to achieve the impossible.

    Pres. Packer talked about prayer being our personal key to heaven, the lock being on our side of the veil.

    There were wonderful little snippets in every talk. For me the biggest theme was feeling of the Spirit and LOVE.

  24. I was really sick this weekend, so I caught what I could, but much of it couldn’t penetrate my medication-induced fog! I loved Elder Scott’s talk about continuing revelation. It really hit me how much revelation is probably available to me if I would just seek for it and and ask. I loved President Monson’s talk about service. I loved how the whole emphasis seemed to be on service and love- definitely things I need to be focusing on more. And we’re going to start the “Who did you help today?” at our dinner table too. I’m looking forward to it.

  25. Conference was amazing this time. It is always great, but I felt like this time they really called me out for the things I have been slacking on. Elder Scott with “trying to savor a grape while chewing a jalepeno”, Elder Bednar with, “your children have a hypocrisy radar and will clue into your hypocrisy”, Elder Watson with “temperence”, Elder Oaks with, “love vs. law”…I could go on an on….needless to say, I’ve got a lot to start working on.

  26. I loved Elder Bednar’s talk. When he talked about brush strokes… all the little efforts we make within our families that will add up to a beautiful presentation… that really resonated with me.

    Also, after Elder Holland’s testimony, I wanted to stand up on my sofa and applaud. Man, that man has a powerful testimony.

    I also loved President Monson’s talk about doing good… what a great lesson for children to realize that even though they are small, they can still do good every single day.

    Conference was wonderful. And I’m going to try and really participate this go round with the reading of the talks and discussion! Thanks for doing this!

  27. Did you know there was a talk given especially for me? Kent D. Watson spoke on temperance and never in my life had I had a talk apply to so many different asspects of my life as did this one. Spiritually, temporally (budget) physically (dieting), relationships… I could go on. It was truly amazing! I love Conference so much, but that one talk just was for me. I have found myself thinking on it all the time. When I am making decisions, when I am falling asleep, when I am dealing with my two year old… every aspect of my life needs the temperance he spoke of. I can’t wait to join the General Conference Book Club this time around. So many amazing talks to re read and ponder.

  28. I haven’t read all the comments, but I’m excited to jump in and play along this time around. I loved so much from the two sessions that I watched. My favorite thought was when President Monson said that we wont regret being “too kind.” So true! There was so much emphasis on service and virtue; and Sister Ann Dibb’s talk about society’s tolerance of sin really gave me something to think about.

  29. I loved the jar of warm ‘fuzzies’!:) (I plan on being a more active member of the General Conference book club this time around.)

  30. Just discovered this on MormonTimes. I am not a young mother but I really look forward to studing the talks with you. I had written down the questions I needed to find help with before conference. There were 3. Then I wrote the things in each talk that spoke especially to me. Then I went back and I would put a 1,2, or 3 beside the thought. I found directions and answers that I needed. I want to go to the printed talks and take all of the quotes I marked and use them this year as guides for me. I have my own “small plates” and I will write them in there and be able to refer to them all year. I am eager to read the talks with all of you and to listen to all of your insights. How thoughtful of you.

  31. I’m excited to study with you for this round!! Conference was so wonderful this time, and my recurring favorites are the same as yours – Uchtdorf, Bednar, Holland, and of course, Monson!

    Can’t wait to study each one a bit more in depth!

  32. OK now that I have had a chance to take it all in. First of – the music. My goodness. So uplifting. From Come Thou Fount (my favorite hymn) to Come Come Ye Saints. Amazing.

    Second – the overriding theme – I got for myself – was LOVE. The pure Love of Christ. What it is. The blessings from it. Why we need it. How to get it. What is encompasses. All of that. It seems to be what the Lord wants me focusing on.
    I am excited to get started studying everything.

  33. I was able to attend with my husband- an amazing first for us. But we also missed two sessions with our flights and other plans so I am so glad to be motivated to read, though like others, reading the conference issue of the Ensign is part of my weekly and daily study routine. But a favorite was Elder Callister’s because I attended with some cousins who are investigating the church and have issues with Joseph Smith and I felt that Elder Callister put the ball in their court concerning their problems. I also really enjoyed President Eyring’s comments, and “Please, no empty chairs” resonates within me. I have often used this concept in pleading with my children for obedience, so that we may all sit down in heaven together. Really though, I cannot choose a favorite. It was an amazing weekend.

  34. Oh, i’m so glad you’re doing this again! I loved reading along with everyone over the past six months and was totally hoping you’d continue.

    We could only pick up the two morning sessions in Jackson, but all the talks were wonderful. I especially loved the primary themes of LOVE (in all its applications). And The Spirit…using and accessing the gift of personal revelation. Wonderful!

  35. A line I loved comes from Sister Dibb’s talk when she said to President Monson:

    “Oh, Dad. The blessings we experience as members of the Church and the promised blessings of the temple are so good! If we would only reach out and choose to accept them.”
    President Monson responded: “Ann, they are everything.”

  36. As I’m re-listening to all the talks this week, I’ve gotten to Elder Hales’ talk. I think his testimony of the Godhead and of the First Vision are just as powerful as Elder Holland’s talk, of which most have mentioned on here. Elder Hales may not be the greatest orator, but his spirit definitely spoke to my spirit. It’s a great talk!

  37. My husband did research with Dale Renlund prior to medical school and wrote a letter of recommendation. It was with great delight that we heard his name announced as a speaker Sunday afternoon. We didn’t know he was GA.

    His experience about coming home from the hospital on a Sunday afternoon and ‘missing’ his ride to church hit home for us. We got it. D’s schedule is also nightmarish. We’ve had conversations as of late about how he has felt ‘disconnected’ from the church-even serving as EQ Pres. It was good for him to hear from a trusted mentor-now GA- that even HE had moments of ‘weakness’ when his testimony wavered. We felt relieved to know our emotions were not new. We were uplifted to realize (rather, be reminded)that such simple acts- prayer and scripture study- are always the KEY to increased faithfulness. It is always a good reminder, even when we already know it. That’s what conference is about. Reminding us to stretch to our highest potential and do the things we’ve been asked (Yep, kindof reminded me of your most recent post about post-conference blues).

  38. Loved Elder Bednar…gave me hope in spite of the craziness (4 kids)..that our attempts and habits will make a difference in their lives and sustain them in hard times. Heart transplant talk…have a family member who just went through one so it spoke to me. Elder Holland is always a favorite, but WOW that was powerful. I am new here and so grateful to have found you. I need this badly!

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