Passing the crown: You be the judge

I would just like to say (to solicit your pity) that this was supposed to be the Fall poetry contest, but it’s been snowing all day today at my house, so maybe the winter poetry contest is right around the corner.  Mother Nature is currently on my hit list.

Anyway,  the call for lullaby lyrics was only answered by the few, the brave, the proud, and the desperate for sidebar fame (just kidding).  So read– or sing– the following homemade lullabys and vote for your favorite.  Voting will close Sunday night and the new winner will be crowned next week.

Poetry crown

1.  By Shantel (sung to the tune of “Goodnight, My Someone” from Music Man)

It’s time for sleeping – its time for naps.
I am getting your bottle – you finish your snack.
Your going to bed – Its lovely I know.
Its time for you to go.

Its time for sleeping – its time for naps.
Its time for you to snooze and me to relax.
You dont want to sleep – but for my sanity –
Its time for sleeping and naps.

2.  By Shoebox Princess (sung to the tune of “Give, Said the Little Stream”)

Sleep said the mommy, Sleep,
Rest your head, Sleepyhead
Sleep said the mommy, Sleep
As I tuck you into bed

You’re small, you know
But wherever you go,
I’ll be there to keep you safe

When you wake up we will play
Morning, noon, thru all the day
But for now sweet dreams shall be
Nighttime love from me

3.  By Zina (sung to the tune of “Love Is Spoken Here”)

I see my baby Henry
And I love him very much
I think he’s sweet to look at
And he’s oh so soft to touch
His coos and his gurgles
Fill my heart with joy
And I am thankful
He’s my little boy

4.  By Liana (sung to the tune of “Know This, That Every Soul Is Free”)
(The second verse is for my daughter, and the third is for my son)

It’s time for bed my precious child.
Although the day’s been fun and wild,
Please close your eyes, don’t make a peep.
You are so sweet when you’re asleep.

We’ve played pretend and dress-up too,
and Cinderella’s found her shoe.
It’s time to sleep, please don’t say “no”
Because your mother loves you so.

We’ve wrestled and played with your truck,
then read about a silly duck,
I’ve loved each moment with you, son,
now go to sleep my little one.

So here’s your kiss and here’s your hug.
Under the covers warm and snug,
Please stay asleep the whole night through,
and know that Mom and Dad love you.

5.  By The Queen (sung to the tune of “Rock a Bye, Baby”)

Rock-a-bye, ladies,
It’s time to stop
Whispering and giggling;
This is your last shot.
If I hear you later,
The other shoe falls,
And you’ll sleep in the pantry-
Cement floor and all!

6. By Alexes (no tune indicated)

As I kiss you good night,
I want to hold you with all my might–
And never let you go.
Tenderness and love abundantly flow,
I will always love you.

My child, time has flown by me.
soon you will be older, and you will flee,
It will not fill me with glee,
To see you depart.
I hope I have taught you,
everything you need to know–
I will always love you.

I hope you remember, the good times and the bad,
Life is like that you know, sometimes we feel a little sad.
Don’t ever let life get you down,
Don’t let that smile turn into a frown.
Remember my whisper to you each evening,
I love you.

As you live your life each day–
I hope you let each sunshine ray,
Warm your cheery heart.
and remember, Always remember–
Your Heavenly Father will never depart.
I love you.

Aren’t they all lovely?  Doesn’t it just want to make you go snuggle your sleeping child?  Vote for your favorite(s) here (up to three):