General Conference Book Club, week 14: Sister Thompson

04_04_thompWeek 14?  Can you believe we’ve been at it that long?  Welcome back to GCBC.  Coincidentally, this talk ties in quite nicely with yesterday’s long-overdue post about Sister Beck’s Women’s Conference Talk.  During the Sunday morning session of General Conference, Sister Barbara Thompson, Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, spoke about the three directives that help us fulfill our divine role as women and how to implement them more fully in our lives.

>>Click here to read “His Arm is Sufficient” by Sister Barbara Thompson<<

If this is your first visit to the General Conference Book Club, click here to learn more about it. You’re welcome to join us at any point along the way, and we’d love to welcome back many of you that we haven’t heard from in a while.


5 thoughts on “General Conference Book Club, week 14: Sister Thompson

  1. Now that I am once again grounded, whatever that might mean, I am rejoining this AWESOME book club. I can’t wait to read Sister Thompsons talk. It feels good to have some energy once again.

  2. What struck me most was her last paragraph, where she quoted the hymn from the beginning of her talk. “We must be ‘fixed in [our] purpose.'” That one sentence really hit me.

    Today hasn’t been the best of days – I’ve felt out of control of my kids, of my emotions when they’ve misbehaved… I haven’t been fixed on my purpose! My purpose as a mother is to help my kids feel safe in this world and to teach them the Gospel and that Heavenly Father loves them. The days that I forget my purpose are the hard days.

    It is becoming increasingly harder to be fixed on our true purposes in this world. Satan knows what those purposes are, and he tries really hard to distract us. He makes us so busy with other things that we forget what we’re doing, sometimes!

    Thanks for choosing this talk. I needed to hear it today!

  3. First of all, I love that song she quotes. I even wrote a post about it a while back and how it renewed my faith in motherhood.

    As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I still struggle with good, consistent prayer. I love her simple reminder to just make it a daily habit. I have conversations with God in my heart constantly, but I need to do more drop-to-my-knees soulful communication. I get this reminder over and over again and I know I need it.

    I don’t have much more to add to what she said than “amen.” Great reminders about doing our duty to our families and fellow men.

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