The difference two years can make

I like to celebrate stuff, but the older I get (read: since I had children), I appreciate celebrations more in small numbers.  So for the fourth, we like to do our own driveway fireworks show.  This time we had a fun little crowd of neighbors join us for the flashes, pops, and clouds of smoke.  The kids thought it was great.  Evidence:



See all that joy and excitement?  Okay, admittedly Natalie is a little nervous, but the boys were having a ball.  Now let’s take a little journey back in time, shall we?  Two years ago.  I am not a good photographer (I would be, but I have the crappiest digital camera ever), but this is my favorite photo essay ever.  Ever.  I give you Fourth of July, 2007:

Okay, who’s ready for fireworks? We are, we are!!

Hooray! This is gonna be great.

look, you do it like this, Grant.

Yes. I did it! Did you see that daddy? I threw the little popper and it worked!

After getting over his “fire” jitters, Clark proudly waves a sparkler.

ta dah.

These smoke bombs are cool. What else ya got, Dad?

Wait a second … these are kind of loud…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! It’s too scary!!!

Clark asked if he could watch the rest from the trunk of the van. With the window closed.

It’s too loud. Waaaaaaah!

Grant joined Clark in the van, who is now lying down on the floor hiding.

Matt, the lone man standing, overlooking his fireworks kingdom.

Oh man, that cracks me up every time.  How was your fourth?