They didn’t get Michael Jackson Memorial Service tickets, but they’re still winners!

Just a little business, folks…

First of all, congratulations to Melanie J, the winner of our Diapers and Divinity Summer Poetry Contest.  She won our hearts with her sweet summer haiku:

Melanie J


A soft, fuzzy head
Whiffs of coconut sunblock

Gold skin and freckles

Cute little white bums

Peeking out of swimming trunks

I smile. It’s summer.

Congratulations, Melanie!  As soon as I remember how to change my sidebar, I’ll put you and your poem in a place of honor.  Email me your address too, because I’ll send some kind of prize your way… to be determined by my creativity and budget (both severely limited).

And, the winner of the Jumpstart Online computer game giveaway is:


(See folks?  It pays to come out of blog comment hiding.  She went from IP blip to one lucky chick! : ) )

Ellen, send me an email, and I’ll hook you up, okay?


Thanks to all for your fun participation.  Coming soon… (like after my kids are all in bed tonight)… Adventures from our latest trip to Urgent Care.


8 thoughts on “They didn’t get Michael Jackson Memorial Service tickets, but they’re still winners!

  1. It’s hard to believe some people are paying 10,000 on ebay for Michael Jackson tickets. He is really that important to you? Congrats to the real winners!

  2. Well, congratulations to the supreme Haiku goddess. Give me a good limerick contest and I’m all over it, but for some reason, I never could get into haiku’s. Melanie has a gift!

  3. I love poetry, for sure..
    but have a little twinge of jealousy
    when it is someone besides my own
    that everyone is admiring

    congrats to both!

  4. Awwww! Thanks! So fun! I’ll send you my info soon (like when I’m not trying to access the internet through my husband’s phone!)

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