I like you, and my toe itches.

SmileyFace3I have a few really important things to say.  (It’s after midnight, and my sense of what’s worth saying and what’s not might be slightly warped.)

First of all, I just want to say that all your comments on my I-just-got-home-from-EFY post were just like narcotics Lindt milk chocolate truffles the nicest thing ever.  I promise I did not write the summary of my angst and puke and such to solicit all of those “you are amazing” type comments, but I’m thinking I should undergo some major stress more often just to hear it.  What is truly amazing is that both friends and “strangers” will be so generous with their encouragement and praise.  Thank you.  You made me feel great.

It only took me about 48 hours to return my home from the lovely place of order that my mom created in my absense to the oh-look-Stephanie-the-queen-of-entropy-is-home current state of things.  I keep thinking maybe I’ll grow up and be more like my mom, but I’m not so sure.

If you have little boys and they’ve never watched Swiss Family Robinson, they should.  Mine love it.  Shipwrecks, wild animals, dream treehouse, pirates, booby traps, what’s not to love?

Summer is great because winter sucks, but I do sense a blog slump coming on.  With children running around here all day and those long lists of things to do now that it’s finally warm, a person can stay pretty busy.

I did make a summer weekly schedule where we have a routine for each day of the week.  We try to balance out some fun things and some important things like service, chores, and gospel study.  Let me just say that after 3 whole days it’s a raving success.  I hope it doesn’t lose its thunder.

I’m excited to start camping again.  We have a pop-up camper/trailer and it makes for some fun family times.  Matt’s birthday is this weekend, and we’re going to go camping in celebration of that and Father’s Day.  For the next month, I will then only be ONE year older than Matt and he can’t make all his dumb jokes about me being a cradle robber when we all know that he was the one who was hot on my trail and he’s lucky I decided to let myself date someone the same age as my younger brother.

I went to the gym and exercised at SIX o’clock this morning.  I think this is a sign of the Second Coming.

My toe really does itch, by the way.  I need to use more lotion.

I love you guys.  Thanks for letting me write a bunch of slop like this occasionally and then still coming back.


18 thoughts on “I like you, and my toe itches.

  1. I recently had a blog slump that lasted a few weeks (and it’s not even Summer here!). I LOVED it. I highly recommend it. I was on a comments slump, too. But now I’m back.

    P.S. I like slop.

  2. Alright, I’m just thinking that it might be the exercising at SIX in the morning thing that is to blame for any warped thinking (not that I saw evidence of any–except the gym at six a.m. thing.)
    I love that it takes you about as much time as me to revert back to your regular scheduled house cleaning program after a visit from the mom. Someday I want to be like your mom, too. Or my mom. Or Aunt Dorothy. One of those.

  3. And on the other hand, when one comes home from a youth function that left ones husband in charge of the troops, one starts to feel like a pretty tidy homemaker. By comparison. I pretty sure my house needs a hazmat team.

    Don’t slump too much! We need our fix!

  4. That’s funny that you say you are only a year older for one month. For the past month I have been the same age as my hubby…next week I will be a year older! Older women rock!

  5. The only way I ever survived summer break with little ones was the summer daily routine chart. I still employ a form of it even now when the kids are older, but it’s rather heavy on the chores (not that I mind).

    Slump away. I’m slumping myself (not that people actually read my blog).

    A pat on the back to you for exercising at six.

  6. I really like blog posts like this. I think this is how my brain works 🙂

    And yeah, getting up at 6:00 AM to exercise? That would be a pure miracle for me.

  7. This is not slop. I always feel kind of blogged out come summer. Too much to do, I guess! Good for you to go to the gym so early, I’m super impressed. And I hope your toe stops itching soon. How annoying. 🙂

  8. So I’ve been overloaded with other stuff, so I have at least 4 of your posts that I haven’t read yet, including your post-trip one…. I DO think you’re amazing, though!! And I promise that at SOME point in the next week or two I’ll have time to read those posts and be caught up!

  9. You ARE amazing! SERVICE is such a great idea to include in the kids’ summer routines? Why didn’t I think of that?

    And here is my favorite line: “It only took me about 48 hours to return my home from the lovely place of order that my mom created in my absence to the oh-look-Stephanie-the-queen-of-entropy-is-home current state of things.”

    That’s how I feel every time my mother-in-law leaves….

  10. Join the club and slop and slump away … we are all doing it and loving it. We will still be here 🙂 !!

    And hooray for you for going to the gym at 6 in the morning. You really are my new hero!

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