Oh, yes I did.

To all of you whose challenged homemaking skills have made you feel like only a consolation member of the Relief Society, there is hope.  I, Stephanie, made jam.  It was even easy.  So that pretty much means that anyone one can do it, even the domestically handicapped.  Behold:

We picked strawberries at a local farm.

Grant and Clark washed and cut them.


I chopped them in a food processor, and added some chopped tangerines as well, just because I wanted to.

DSCF2103Then I added sugar and fruit pectin.  I tried it with two kinds and this was definitely the easiest way to go and it set up much nicer than with Sure-Gel:

Ball-Freezer-Jam-Pectin_bigThen I put it in little jars, and that was all.  Not kidding.  That’s all.  Then it keeps in the fridge or freezer.  So with no disrespect to those of you who have spent your summer writing novels, running marathons, and building life-size models of ancient Mayan ruins with your children, let’s not underestimate the glory of this accomplishment.


I made jam, people.  And it was good.


Some end notes:

1.  Apparently some of you are intimidated by the haiku contest.  Let me put your fears at ease about a 3-line poem:

This is a haiku. (5 syllables)

You can write it just like this. (7 syllables)

That wasn’t so hard.  (5 syllables)

See?  Piece of cake.  Entries due by Saturday night.

2.  I also retro-posted the General Conference Book Club talk of the week.  It’s up as of Sunday’s date, or you can hop to it here if you wish.  Can I just encourage some of you that have disappeared from the comments section at the GCBC to jump back on board?  I’d love to hear from you again, and it’s never too late to pick up and old goal and run with it again.

3.  Coming very soon, like maybe tomorrow:  A review of some guilt-free summer screen time options for your kids, and a giveaway to go with it.  Stay tuned.