True confessions of a 6-year-old mind. Beware.

ezpicknsYou know how some kids pick their nose and eat their boogers?  (I’m afraid Natalie might be one of those kids.)  Not Grant!  No way.  Never in a million years would he do that because it’s disgusting.  Instead, Grant likes to wipe his boogers on furniture, car windows, carpet… whatever’s handy.

I recently discovered that the side of his bed looks like this:

dscf2022No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  It really IS that gross.  So now, his bed has been equipped with this:

dscf2023And if that isn’t bad enough, there have been other totally unacceptable infractions of the no-booger-wiping rule.  The lastest was so dire that I did what any good mother would do and forced my child to make a public, internet-based confession.

Did you see all that heartfelt remorse?  The sorrow?  The wailing?  Um, yeah.  Well, Clark and Natalie were jealous about Grant’s debut on the big screen, so the climbing, whining and button-pushing resulted in this:

I know, I know, you are SO impressed.  Feel free to send an Academy Award, or Xanax, whichever seems more appropriate.


28 thoughts on “True confessions of a 6-year-old mind. Beware.

  1. I had to scroll really fast past thi pictures, because even though I know all kids do it (and I am constanly cleaning strange crusties off stuff) I just can’t think too long about it. At least he isn’t eating them!

  2. Oh, if only the grossness stopped at puberty. Alas, you could well be writing variations on this theme clear into their adulthood. I’m thinking Xanax, stat.

  3. My infant sneezed during the Sacrament on Sunday and a bit of snot came out of her nose. My two year old said, loudly, “Baby booger.”

    You look gorgeous in the videos.

    I hope your kids aren’t clamoring to be on your blog more often, because now they know what to do to get featured. 🙂

    • Okay, all you people with your gorgeous comments are going to get to my head. (See, it already happened– I said all you people when it was really only two!) Thanks for reminding me that a shower and a little make up can be a good thing 🙂

  4. The last two times our family has moved, I have had to sandpaper the walls in the boys’ bedrooms because of dried booger remains. Three boys, three busy noses, one extremely grossed out mother. I have been there, sister.

  5. The whole booger issue drives me insane! It’s basically the worst part of motherhood…I’ll take potty training any day over “booger training.” And I have girls! They’re supposed to be all ladylike and WANT to use tissue. Well, I have one that does. The other two? Not so much.

    Funny post.

  6. My computer is currently on a kick where I can’t view video. Sorry to miss out on your gorgeous self. BUT- I can tell you that this is definitely a universal motherhood thing, dealing with boogers. We found a HUGE one on the wall next our computer. No one seemed to know where it had come from. I figured someone was embarassed about it so I just told them that whoever did it needed to find a private time to go wash it off. We didn’t have to know who it was, but they were responsible for cleaning it up. When we arrived home (the conversation having taken place in the car), it wasn’t long before I noticed Julia hard ar work scrubbing the wall.
    And Renie is famous for wiping them on the car window next to her carseat. That seems to be the only place she has tried her hand at it. She must like how the sunlight shines through them.

  7. I love his comment on the video “I can’t wait to watch it” I was a booger wiper when I was younger. I have grown out of it. I hope the tissues help.

  8. this is so hysterical. my son wipes his boogers on his OWN shirt, which i don’t get at all, but i appreciate that it isn’t my shirt. and my daughter is a pick it and eat it kinda girl. yuk. i hope she grows out of that one very soon, but she likes grossing us out.

    great movies. i loved seeing you and your kids laughing together.

  9. LOL!! this is too funny… BROTHER when he moved out @ the age of 19 got caught! yes, we moved his bed to find….I can’t even tell you….it’s so gross….times your find by 1000!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Okay, that was gross. And it was true in all it’s gross-ness. I don’t know why kids do that…and I made mine clean it up themselves…otherwise, they would have to clean up my barf if I had to…yuck!
    What a brave mom you are! Blackmail is in the future, I just know it!

  11. Okay, so my daughter was watching this with me, and when it got to the part where you said, “Beautiful, aren’t they?” she said, “No! Cuz they’re boys!!”


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