General Conference packet for children


UPDATE:  For anyone coming to this post looking for a packet for the upcoming conference, you can click here for more current links.


Here’s a link to a great resource for your children to work on while you watch General Conference this weekend:

then click “More” > “Print”

(I had to sign up for account to download it because I had a little trouble printing.)  There are activities for both readers and non-readers.  Thanks to a friend for passing it along.

My blog friend Laurie also put up an excellent post with more resources.

Enjoy the weekend folks; it’s one of my favorite times of year.

p.s.  I know it would have been more helpful if I had posted this a few days ago.  Sorry.  What can I say?  Read my old post about never being on time.  And forgive.


5 thoughts on “General Conference packet for children

  1. Thank you for the link!!! My 10 year old just asked me where hers was, because we ALWAYS get these ready before hand, and why didn’t I print them out yet?! What a slacker I am. You saved me.

  2. I love limericks. Wish I hadn’t missed the contest because of vacation. Do another sometime, OK?
    Are you guys on spring break this coming week? There’s a sample sale at LE Tuesday and Wednesday. I know you didn’t have much success at the last sale, but you’re welcome to come try- and visit in the process!

  3. I LOVE these packets!! My girls actually sat and listened during the whole first session today! They didn’t quite get through the second one. But they’re 5 and 3, so one whole one is pretty good, in my book!

    Thanks for spreading the word. 🙂

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