Because I have my limits

No matter what happens with the economy, no matter how bad off we are, I will never, I repeat, never get a job working in the childcare center at Lifetime Fitness.  Even walking in there to drop off my children and pick them up makes me feel like I might need a padded room.  This is not an actual picture, but it conveys why I want to run away:


I believe I have the same feeling in that gym childcare center that I would have if I tried to go swimming at this pool in Japan:


I will clean toilets.  I will even do your laundry.  But I would rather chew glass and drink lemon juice than spend more than 5 minutes in that place.  The end.

What job would be on your “not even in the worst circumstances” list?

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17 thoughts on “Because I have my limits

  1. If they had a job where you had be in labor and push the baby out to the point where it is crowning, and then stop. No Drugs. Its called the Ring of Fire, and I would not even do it if Adam Lambert was there to sing about it.
    Sorry, I have a BAD headache after pushing myself on the treadmill and I am drugged. But admit it – if they paid for that – Nobody would do it.

  2. cleaning public bathrooms. I worked at a fast food place for just a few weeks when I was 19 or 20 … and had to clean the restrooms every night after closing. I will not do it again.

  3. The best worst job I’ve ever heard of wasn’t mine, it was my husband’s. When we were right out of college and he was waiting for that golden career to land in his lap, we paid the bills through a job he had at the golf course. Sounds cushy? NO! He literally was paid to scrape the scum off the ponds! And THEN he had to mow the lawns, so he came home smelling like a cess pool rolled up in a compost heap every day. I had to wash his clothes every night, just so he could go back and do it all again the next day. And woe was me if any of MY clothes got stuck in the same load! I couldn’t get the smell out with bleach!

  4. Chew glass and drink lemon juice? That is one of the most awful phrases I remember reading in a reeeeeally long time. (if you came up with it on your own, then congratulations)

    But I think I get how much you HATE the idea of being there.

  5. I would do the job Shantel said. I’ve already done it twice and lived through it, PLUS I had to pay for it. If someone would pay me, that would be great. I’d probably quit after the first time, but at least I’d have some money. Of course, I have a bad headache, too, and I’m drugged, so maybe my judgment is skewed.

    I couldn’t be a professional cheerleader. I get too nervous when I care who wins. It would give me an ulcer.

  6. I told my mom a long time ago that I would NEVER do childcare for other people. EVER. And yet, here I am, babysitting 41 hours this week. 38 last week. I’ve been doing it for 7 years.

    I also told my mom and several other people that I will never and could never play the organ in church. Then I spent four years doing just that. And whenever our ward organist is gone, I still get to play it.

    I don’t think I can say what I won’t do, because then I’ll be asked to do it.

  7. stephanie, i think i’m with you. the only thing that would be harder for me than day care is day care at a place where i had no control over which kids i got to watch. it’s hard enough to take care of my own kids, whom i love passionately, and to occasionally watch a friend’s kid or niece or nephew, who come close to my own kids. no way could i work in a place like that. i’d rather live in a cardboard box–in san diego:)

  8. See, without Jesus I might have been a pole dancer. But I would never, ever want to sit behind a desk, all by myself, in an office with no one to talk to. Now that’s Hell.

  9. Wow! I’m still chuckling over the first comment. So there are gross jobs I couldn’t do, but those have pretty much been covered. And then there are the heartbreaking jobs that I couldn’t take emotionally/spiritually. Bless the social workers who intervene and care for children removed from their homes for abuse. On a lighter note, Happy First Day of Spring! The snow is melted and I feel like cranking a little music and dancing. This time, I hope I remember to shut the blinds first. 🙂

  10. When I was in high school I cleaned my neighbor’s house twice a week. She had 4 teenage sons. Enough said.

    When I was in college I worked for a company that did phone surveys. People were so mean to me! I couldn’t take it emotionally. I would rather do ANYTHING other than that.
    I was also a maid at the Best Western for a semester too. Still not as bad as the phone solicitor job!

  11. It’s funny you write that because I’ve thought many times how I’d love to work in the childcare at Lifetime! 🙂 I’m curious to know which one you go to. It seems like fun to me! I guess we each have our idea of what a bad job would be. For me, the worst job would be dentist. And maybe podiatrist. Those are just not places I need to be poking around in on other people.

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