When public recognition goes too far

I’m a stay-at-home mom, right?  It’s a pretty low-profile job.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the job is akin to superhero status, but it’s also a little unspectacular— moms are kind of undercover superheroes whose heroic acts don’t show up in society for like 20 years.  I was informed, however, that perhaps I am underestimating my fame.  Behold this letter I got in the mail:


So, wow.  I’m going to represent my city in Who-knows-who’s Who’s Who.  I’m wondering whether my laundry skills or my perfectly-behaved children have qualified me for this honor.  I’m also not sure which “professional and business community” I’m representing.  Maybe I’m being recognized for my valuable contributions to the diaper industry and fast-food drive-thru windows.  They must be so thankful.  Wow, I have no words to thank the kind (and absolutely delusional) soul who nominated me for this great honor.  It kind of reminds me of the time that my mom secretly filled out the application for me to be in the Miss Teen USA pageant for the state of Georgia and I got a phone call saying I had been chosen.  I feel that same exhilaration (read:  confusion, amusement, and minor disgust) that I felt then.  And now that I’ve scanned the letter to share this great moment of recognition and fame, I think I’ll put it in the recycling bin where it belongs.  I know it’s hard for you to log off now that you know how famous I am, so here’s my autograph to keep you happy until my next post:



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