Two Christmas videos about Mary


So, I’ve been thinking more and more about Mary this week, and the power of righteous womanhood. Here are two beautiful videos to help you refocus on what Christmas is really about and how beautiful and empowering (and sometimes challenging) a relationship with the Savior can be.

Merry Christmas!


Looking for some holly-jolly laughs

I’ve never spent a lot of time on YouTube, and I don’t really feel like browsing around looking for great content, but in the last couple of days, I found these little treasures through friends on Facebook.  My kids have been cracking up, watching them over and over again.

I’ve always LOVED this one (for me).  I’ve probably watched it more than 20 times and I laugh out loud every time.:

So, do you have any favorites?  Especially ones my kids would like (ages 8, 7, 5)?  I thought it would be fun to watch some over Christmas break.  I bet you have some great ones.  Hit me.