So I owe you a postcard, right?

Back in early summer, I made many of my reader/victims watch and vote incessantly for this video that was entered into a contest at Deseret Book to promote their new momedy web series, “Pretty Darn Funny.”  (They really are clever episodes; you should go check them out.)

Behold my entry (which, in retrospect, is public evidence that I have very little pride):

And here is the amazing thing:  I WON. I won, I won, I won!  And so right now, at this very second (Honest to goodness. I pre-scheduled this post the day before I left), I am floating around in the ocean with my husband ON A CRUISE to the Mexican Riviera.

Since I could not have won without your tireless voting– I mean, seriously, some of you went back to that site every day and clicked your mouse over and over again out of pure love. :)– I know I owe you something. I wish I could bring you all back sombreros or something, but this postcard will have to do:

Yay. THANK YOU!!!  You can be jealous for this week, but then you’ll laugh at me when I’m back and I’m crashing and burning and trying to catch up with real life again.  I’ll take pictures. 🙂