GCBC Week 8: “The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn” by Elder David A. Bednar

This past week I looked through a book that tells the life stories of my paternal grandparents. (That’s them up there at their 50th wedding anniversary, I think. Aren’t they so cute?) It made me feel nostalgic and so thankful for the legacy they’ve left behind for their children and grandchildren.  And even though they’ve both passed away, I’m pretty darn sure that they’re still very much alive.  And knowing them the way I do, I’m sure they’re actively involved in doing good work in the “great beyond.”  Anyway, among the many messages that Elder Bednar teaches in this talk, one of the things that I felt impressed to do was to help my children know their ancestors better.  We helped Grant to log on to newfamilysearch.org and he has actually quite enjoyed it.  I showed Natalie some pictures from my grandparents’ book and told her stories.  All I can hope is that by turning their hearts back towards the great people that came before them, they’ll have a better sense of the great potential that lies ahead of them.  I’d love to hear ideas of ways that you’ve involved your children in family history work.

The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn by Elder David A. Bednar

“My beloved young brothers and sisters, family history is not simply an interesting program or activity sponsored by the Church; rather, it is a vital part of the work of salvation and exaltation. You have been prepared for this day and to build up the kingdom of God. You are here upon the earth now to assist in this glorious work.”

What parts of his message stood out to you?  What are some action items you can take away from this talk?

To anyone who is checking out GCBC for the first time, the goal is to read one General Conference talk a week and discuss it together as an on-line “book club.”  If you want to learn more, go here, and join the discussion.

UPDATE:  I came across this link today.  There is a new app available where you can track your ancestors grave sites and headstones.  How cool is that?