Maybe I’m the problem.

I have been experiencing a lot of frustration in the mornings.  Like the kind where I wonder if my children have brains?

In order to earn “ticket time” (30 min. of TV, Wii, or computer games) after school, they have to complete a list of tasks in the morning before they leave for school.

It’s not hard stuff, people, and it does not matter when they wake up, we are still scrambling to get out the door on time.  It makes me crazy.  Every time I check on them, they are doing something else.  “Oops.  I forgot,” after I bark an order to get back on task or we’re going to be late. “I can’t find my homework.”  “Why didn’t you put it in your backpack when you were done?!” (like I’ve reminded you every. single. time.)  “Can I just have lunch money today?  I don’t have time.”  “No.  I told you last night to make your sandwich before you went to bed, and you’ve been playing with stuffed animals for the last 10 minutes.” My Facebook status the other day said, “Teaching my children personal responsibility may be the death of me.”  I’ve been wondering:

Why can’t they seem to handle simple tasks that would make their lives (and mine) so much easier?  It’s not like I haven’t taught them.  They have an easy checklist, for heaven’s sake.

Then I saw this article the other day.

It’s called, “Nicer Moms Have Smarter Kids.”

Oh good grief.


Remember my goal for the year?  If I can stick to it, maybe my children will be smart enough to remember where they put their shoes.