GCBC Week 25: “Converted unto the Lord” by Elder David A. Bednar

Well, it’s the grand finale of GCBC. Like, final finale. I have loved doing the online book club since 2009, so thank you to all of those who have followed along, and especially to those of you who were brave enough to comment and participate. I don’t ever remember being as hungry for general conference as I am this week. In a world where the lines between good and evil are constantly being muddled and stretched and flat-out ignored, I am so thankful for the opportunity to hear living prophets declare and clarify God’s will, reaffirm his commandments, and offer counsel to help us navigate our days.

This final talk is a great one by Elder Bednar.

Converted unto the Lord By Elder David A. Bednar watch



Here is a great activity to do as you study this talk (makes a good FHE lesson, too):

Write the word TESTIMONY on the top of one sheet of paper (landscape way) and CONVERSION on another. Divide each page below it into 3 columns. At the top of column 1, write What leads to it?, column 2, What IS it?, and column 3, “What does it lead to?/Results. Label the columns that way on both papers.

Then as you study, write down phrases or snippets of information that belong to each column. His talk is outlined in such an organized way that it’s really easy to pick out answers to those three questions and glean a whole lot of information and understanding. This exercise helped me to see the relationship between testimony and conversion and how I can strengthen both.

What principles stood out to you as you studied this talk? Have you seen the process he describes in your own life? And are you as excited as I am to hear general conference this weekend?