Pretty Darn Funny (with a giveaway)

Those of you who have weathered the years of Diapers and Divinity may remember that last year I won a video contest that was part of a release party for a new web series called “Pretty Darn Funny.” I told a humorous story about my son Clark and won a CRUISE (it was so fun!!). So now I’m indebted to this web series for the rest of my life. When I got word that they were about to release season 2, I knew I wanted to support them and share the news.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 10.46.54 PM

Basically PDF (that’s a very clever acronym for “Pretty Darn Funny,” not to be confused with a digital document) is a bunch of cute, clever episodes about the adventures of an (almost) all female comedy troupe that’s trying to fill a void in the genre of clean comedy. The thing is, their routines really aren’t that funny, but they are. Their mishaps, and lack of fame, and just down-to-earth, hilarious day-to-day lives are all just fun. It makes for some great entertainment.  Anyway, I think you need to know that TODAY IS THE DEBUT OF SEASON TWO, and there will be a new episode released every week for …. I actually don’t know, but I think it’s about six weeks.

Go find it all here:


Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:

I even got to meet the lead actress (“Gracie,” played by Lisa Clark) and she is really just the kind of person you wish you could hang out with all the time. And the producer of the series is the husband of my talented friend Jana, so basically I want you to enjoy this show and appreciate it. (I think you would even if I didn’t like all those people in real life.)

Anyway, Deseret Book is going to offer a prize I can give you as a giveaway associated with the launch of season 2. I have no idea what it is yet, so we’ll just call it a SURPRISE. Get up to three entries by:

Here’s a fun teaser to get you in the mood.  It’s a parody of Footloose… but “mom style.” Pretty darn funny, indeed.

If you like what you see, either the parody or the new episode, help them get the word out by sharing and liking and all that other social media jazz, and then come leave a comment so you can get your entries in the mystery drawing. Winner will be announced Wednesday-ish. Probably. 🙂

(And if you’re going to Education Week at BYU this week, I’m teaching Tues.-Thurs. at 4:30. Come say hi. And pray for me.)



3 thoughts on “Pretty Darn Funny (with a giveaway)

  1. I was at Education Week. I have actually read posts from your blog before but didn’t connect you, the teacher at EW to you, the blogger until right now.
    I was only planning on going to your tuesday class because of the title but I ended up attending every day.
    You were one of my favorite teachers there this year.
    Your class was one that I felt the spirit in every day, I learned something new and that I needed every day, and I walked away feeling happy and motivated.
    My mom came with me the last three days and she felt the exact same way.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Things have finally settled down after going to education week and getting the kids off to school on Monday. I finally yesterday finished up the final errands of new dance tights, soccer socks, and ordering new glasses for my son etc. I taught my gospel doctrine class today and gave them a copy of a the gospel search sites you provided for us at ed week. My daughter came with me to your classes and she was using some of the info you provided to talk about modesty with the other young women today in church. Thank you for all your insights and references. It gave my 17 year daughter and I a lot to talk about. She really enjoyed your classes as did I. Just wanted you to know. 🙂

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