Random photos as a substitute for real blogging


You may or may not have noticed that my summer blogging has been abysmal.

This is, of course, a reflection of a very exciting and covet-worthy life of adventure. Or not. It’s possible that it’s also a reflection of a frazzled mother who is playing three months of cruise director (sans cruise ship) while simultaneously over-committing herself in the category of on-the-side-personal-projects. Go ahead and guess which scenario is more true.

The little word cloud above sums up the summer quite nicely, but here are a few pictures to make you feel like you’re here.

splash pad zoo trail mix TG point farm flowers temple tuesdays 2013-06-29_23-10-00_714 2013-06-04_16-37-30_232 2013-06-19_15-18-41_206 2013-06-21_08-53-08_666 2013-07-12_08-49-18_957 2013-07-21_19-21-26_746 2013-07-22_13-33-20_870 2013-07-23_12-20-53_866Education Week

So there you have it.  (I’ll post later about some of the books the kids and I have been reading.)

Keep in mind that I neither took nor posted pictures of these less desirable summer activities: children fighting, laundry piled to ceiling, lame dinners because it’s too hot to cook, me in a swimsuit, what the car looks like at the end of a road trip, and the bottomless pile of papers on my desk that I keep thinking I will get to soon.

How’s your summer going?