A conversation that made me smile


Today for our morning devotional, we talked about baptism and watched this video about the baptism of Jesus Christ. Clark asked “Wasn’t Jesus related to John?,” and Grant answered that they were cousins. That led to a discussion about the rest of Jesus’ family. “Did he have brothers and sisters?” “Was he married?” I answered with what details we do know from the scriptures and explained that there are some details we don’t know.

Natalie asked, “Is there a Heavenly Mother?”

“Of course!,” I said. “We don’t know very much about her, but we definitely have a Heavenly Mother.”

She grinned and thought for a minute. “Do they have cookies in Heaven?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure we get hungry in heaven.”

“Well if they do, moms make the best cookies.”

“Oh, so you think Heavenly Mother would make the best cookies ever?”

She nodded. “You’re probably right,” I said.

Then they had a long discussion about all the delicious things that Heavenly Mother will probably make … a doughnut bigger than the Texas doughnuts…a hundred layer cake…

Sometimes I really love my kids.


6 thoughts on “A conversation that made me smile

  1. Oh, yes, I very much hope we get to eat in Heaven.After all, the Resurrected Christ ate with His disciples upon appearing to them in the room. 😀

  2. I love this post 🙂 It is so simple and so real. I love that you do morning devotionals with your kids – This is a perfect example of it bringing them closer to God…. I’m sure they feel closer to their Heavenly Mother because of this… it just makes me happy. I need to start doing this.

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