GCBC Week 17: “Where Is the Pavilion?” by President Henry B. Eyring

This week’s talk addresses the distance we sometimes feel between God and ourselves, especially at difficult times in our lives. “Many of us, in moments of personal anguish, feel God is far from us….” President Eyring discusses ways to recognize Him, know He is close to us, and move ourselves closer to Him. He encourages us to have child-like faith and trust in knowing of his care and active role in our lives.

Where Is the Pavilion? by President Henry B. Eyring



What stood out to you from this talk? What can we do to avoid and remove pavilions in our life? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

(A reminder to those of you who are new to General Conference Book Club: You’re welcome to return to this post any time this week and leave your comment and thoughts in the comment section below. You may also want to see what others are saying about the talk and engage in a conversation for mutual understanding and encouragement. A new talk will be posted each Sunday and will be studied and discussed throughout the week.)


4 thoughts on “GCBC Week 17: “Where Is the Pavilion?” by President Henry B. Eyring

  1. Sometimes when we think we are done with a calling it might not be the right time for us to be done. I was struggling with this and will continue to be patient and have faith in the Lords timing. I really want to learn and grow and by asking for the release on my time I might mess up my learning and growing.

  2. This is such a great talk for helping us see what puts distance between us and God. I loved his insights on submitting to the Lord’s will and His timing–two things I really need to work on.

  3. I needed to read this talk this morning. It is the salve for my soul today. Even as I know trials can teach us and bless us, it can still hurt and be painful. I really appreciate the personal stories from Pres Eyring and his daughter.

  4. I love the idea of looking to the Judgment Day with happy anticipation. Pres. Eyring said we can get to this point by serving others, and therefore becoming closer to Christ: “As we do what He would have us do for His Father’s children, the Lord considers it kindness to Him, and we will feel closer to Him as we feel His love and His approval. In time we will become like Him and will think of the Judgment Day with happy anticipation.”

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