GCBC Week 16: “Protect the Children” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

This week’s talk is one of those powerful, direct talks with a good dose of doctrine and apostolic warning. Elder Oaks reminded us all of our obligation to care for the children of the world. His stern reminder reinforced the absolute necessity (in God’s plan) for righteous parenting.

Protect the Children By Elder Dallin H. Oaks


What stood out to you from this talk? What can we do to obey and honor this principle in a world that is failing many of God’s children? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

(A reminder to those of you who are new to General Conference Book Club: You’re welcome to return to this post any time this week and leave your comment and thoughts in the comment section below. You may also want to see what others are saying about the talk and engage in a conversation for mutual understanding and encouragement. A new talk will be posted each Sunday and will be studied and discussed throughout the week.)


4 thoughts on “GCBC Week 16: “Protect the Children” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks

  1. To be honest, this was the hardest talk to listen to during Conference. I love Elder Oaks, but his comments about divorce were a little hard for me at the time. Reading it now, it wasn’t as harsh as I felt initially. I am completely for looking after and protecting children and I know that the principles he is teaching here are true. I just need to look at my own circumstance in light of what I personally experienced and not be overly sensitive. I wish I could have given my children the ideal–it breaks my heart that I couldn’t– but I know that the Lord will help me make up the difference.

  2. As I listened to and read Elder Oaks’ talk, I have wanted to do more to help children besides my own. I am at a stage in parenting in which we like to be home a lot for naps, etc. and it is even hard to volunteer at the elementary school. I realized though, that I can do better with every child I come in contact with now. For a while before Elder Oaks gave his talk, I had been frustrated with a neighbor friend who my kids love to play with who was over often and who seemed to make things harder instead of easier for me. I was finding myself sending him away instead of inviting him in, and then I realized that he was someone I should be helping and encouraging.

  3. Having my daughter hospitalized this week was really hard for me. As she was in surgery I found myself pacing, and really upset. Then I realized, I was making it all about me. As a Mother, my pain and worry was secondary to hers. I also realized that As a Mother who had made covenants, my load would be lightened as I gave by burden to the Lord. I was then able to concentrate on her needs, not mine, and care for her in the way that she needed. The needs of our children should always come first, and that is sometimes difficult to remember. Sometimes their needs include taking care of ourselves- no one is required to run faster than they have strength. But I need to remember the Lord will help.

  4. I wanted to cover my children’s ears during this talk and protect them from hearing about all the awful things that happen to other children in this world. During and afterward, I had to explain some things that I wasn’t ready to explain. As far as what I take away from this – I like what Shantel and Mel have said about giving more help and support to all children I come into contact with and putting the needs of my children before my own more.

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