Spiritual Gifts: Knowing and Believing


Over at Real Intent, they are hosting a series about spiritual gifts.I wrote a guest post about my own patterns in testimony and gospel learning. Go check it out here.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts: Knowing and Believing

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve come back a couple of times to re-read the article.

    “In my late twenties, I married and started a family. I became a mother, and suddenly, I faced something new to me: I had always done pretty well in all my different pursuits, but now, as a mother, I spent a lot of time feeling … well … less effective. No more accolades, no more abundant positive feedback, and a lot of nights lying in bed thinking of all the stuff I just knew I got wrong that day.”

    This is why I am buying your book as soon as it come out. Because I’m right in the middle of this and trying to find a way back to my testimony and my confidence.

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