GCBC Week 13: “Temple Standard” by Elder Scott D. Whiting, and “Beware Concerning Yourselves” by Elder Anthony D. Perkins

Welcome back to GCBC. I hope your holidays have been full of love and loved ones. This week, we will look at two talks, one from the Saturday p.m. session and one from the priesthood session which I felt was worth looking at … partly because I thought both of these could put our minds on repentance, and ultimately, this desire to change is what drives our New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe they can give you some focus as you consider appropriate changes for good in your own life.

View of window at Orlando LDS Temple

Temple Standard By Elder Scott D. Whiting

Like the contractor, when we become aware of elements in our own lives that are inconsistent with the teachings of the Lord, when our efforts have been less than our very best, we should move quickly to correct anything that is amiss, recognizing that we cannot hide our sins from the Lord. We need to remember that “when we undertake to cover our sins, … behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; [and] the Spirit of the Lord is grieved.”

Beware Concerning Yourselves By Elder Anthony D. Perkins

Brethren, Satan seeks “to destroy the souls of men.” If your soul is drifting to the edge of a spiritual cliff, stop now before you fall and steer back on course. If you feel your soul lies wrecked at the bottom of a canyon rather than high on the priesthood path because you neglected “Beware” signs and sinned, I testify that through sincere repentance and the power of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice, you can be lifted up and restored to God’s heavenly highway.

What stood out to you from these talks? In what way do they help you set spiritual goals? Please share in the comments below some of your insights.

(A reminder to those of you who are new to General Conference Book Club: You’re welcome to return to this post any time this week and leave your comment and thoughts in the comment section below. You may also want to see what others are saying about the talk and engage in a conversation for mutual understanding and encouragement. A new talk will be posted each Sunday and will be studied and discussed throughout the week.)