So… Whatcha doin’ in February?

I will be speaking at the Story@Home conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 1-2. I’m sorry I didn’t post about this sooner. You will have the chance to register for quite a while, but today is actually the last day for early-bird (discounted) registration.  What is the conference, you ask? It is co-hosted by FamilySearch and Cherish Bound, and here’s what it’s about:

No matter how you tell your stories – through your family history, at your child’s bedside, on your blog, or from a stage – your stories matter. Join us for a conference that will change the way you see your stories and the world, and help you connect in new ways with those you cherish most.

Workshops and performances by award-winning storytellers, performers, and speakers will help you explore ways to use the power of story in your home. You’ll be able to record your own story, start on some research to learn more about your family’s history, get started on a blog and learn how to tell your story through social media.

I’d love to have you join us. I will be teaching a workshop called “Recording Life Authentically,” plus I have two other friends speaking there who I know are phenomenal teachers… so I’m saying I can promise quality.  Here is the website for more information and registration. If you think you’re interested, jump on it today for the discount. 🙂
p.s. Happy Halloween.  May the force be with you.


4 thoughts on “So… Whatcha doin’ in February?

  1. Okay, I registered. Don’t know how I’ll get there or when I’ll be breaking the news to my husband, but I’m going. I really wanted to go last year. There’s even more incentive this year with both you and DeNae speaking, so I’m not missing it.

  2. STEPHANIE!!!! Some how months ago I switched my blog around and-long story short..ish-I lost your blog. I some how lost half my blog list…And just now I was sitting here reading my favorite blogs and it popped into my mind how yours used to be one of them! I am back and sooooo happy to be! I can’t believe it took me this long to remember you. I am pretty sure it is because I need some fun, spiritual uplift, and I haven’t been looking for it lately. I have chosen to be bitter and depressed about the lemons that haven’t been making lemonade for me and my family the past several months. I remembered a few days ago that, that doesn’t make anything better and that that just isn’t like me and I am sick of being a mean and grumpy…and then I remembered you! Heavenly Father is mindful of us and no pressure-but he reminded me that you have a great positive attitude about life, motherhood, and all other craziness so I am ready for your inspirational posts! 🙂 I am adding you back to my blog list right now and I will not lose you again!!!

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