This is just stuff I’m thinking about. Please excuse the ridiculous racoonish graphic.

  1. I’m fascinated by this storm. The power and danger of Mother Nature is so intriguing, but I’m so concerned for the human element and fearful of what if may bring out in human nature.
  2. Last night, I loaded up my family in the car to go to a family reunion/dinner. We drove for an hour, and when we got there, I realized it is actually next week. As you can imagine, my family was thrilled, and claimed to be dying of hunger the whole way home.
  3. Do you have a very favorite best-of-all-time crock pot recipe? I want to start dinner already, and I’m feeling uninspired.
  4. The self-control part of my brain keeps telling me to go exercise, like walk (or if I’m feeling super crazy, maybe even jog a little), but it keeps being overcome by an urge to go eat cookie dough out of my fridge.  We’ll see who wins.
  5. I got to teach gospel doctrine class yesterday about 3 Nephi 17-19. I’m so in love with those chapters now that I can’t stop thinking about them.
  6. I have a dream that someday, in the morning before school, my children will eat breakfast without emptying the entire contents of the pantry onto my kitchen table, will not surprise me on their way out the door with some homework assignment they forgot to tell me about, and will actually be ready on time. I used to be a morning person before I had children.
  7. Can someone tell me why I can never bring myself to put away my own clean laundry? Anyone?

That is all. I’m sure your Monday is now complete. Carry on.


7 thoughts on “Nonsense.

  1. This is harious, however the question that comes to mind during the days I am not the successful mom/wife/housekeeper/(and the list goes in…) is: “What was it that my mother did that made me dream and plan for this time ever since I was a little girl playing house?”

    It is more difficult that it appeared even when I was dating or engaged. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I still question why? What part of my sane mind loves laundry and dishes that are never done and constantly needing put away or picked up? Or endless school assignments, some even bordering on the ridiculous? Or the constant wish I could clone myself becaus there seems to be always three places I need to be at the same time. All that said, I would not leave this chaos in trade for the 9-5 ever again. What ever I saw watching Mom left the impression it needed to even though at my tender age I was clueless to how hard it must have been for her too. Happy Monday!

  2. Thank you for validating so many of my Mondays with these thoughts! I can barely get myself to fold the clothes, much less put them away! Thankfully this morning the kids were very happy (tomorrow is Halloween, after all), nothing was spilled during breakfast, and we made it to the bus on time. It was one of those warm, fuzzy, I-love-being-a-mom mornings that happen on occasion. As for a good crock pot recipe, I recommend checking out Every recipe I’ve tried has been delicious.

  3. I have had a basket full of folded clothes sitting in my bedroom for more than a week. Yikes, I just admitted that! I too have a dream of being ready to leave for school on time without leaving the house in a disaster. And I only have one going to school. Next year will be rough when my daughter goes to school. And just take a scoop of cookie dough as you go out to exercise or just promise yourself you can have a scoop after you exercise…and chances are you won’t want any after you get back! Hope you had a great Monday!

  4. I’m kind of anti-meat right now, but my husband loves the pulled pork, and leftovers last all week. Lots of boneless ribs. In crockpot. Drain off half the “juice” after about all day, and add a bottle of bbq sauce. I know. Rocket science.

  5. When I taught at the MTC, 3 Nephi 17 was my favorite to read with the missionaries. It’s so beautiful to learn how to help others by following the Savior’s example.

  6. Well, I’ll just admit that my husband has started calling the bed my second dresser;) Also I am teaching GD this year and it is the most unexpectedly wonderful calling ever. Teaching that lesson brought tears to my eyes and several class members. I love it!

  7. So, I’m way late, but I only get you once a week, looks like I need more often.

    Crockpot stroganhoff – About 3 lbs of beef cut into 1/2-1 inch cubes, one or two cans of cream o mushroom soup (who invented this stuff, wish it was me), some montreal steak seasoning (my husband would put it on his cereal if I’d let him), sliced onion (i keep the slices thin but big so you can pick them off if you want). Sometimes I will add sliced mushrooms, if I have them and a little sour cream near the end of cooking. Let it go low all day. We like it best over mashed taters with a veggie and salad. MMM, comfort food.

    Laundry is one of those never ending jobs. Just when you think you have it all done and folded and everything, BAM, there is more. I don’t mind laundry. There are plenty of other chores I really don’t like to do. I made all my kids start doing their own laundry at age 13, the magic age. Why, you may ask? Well, my oldest complained at 13 that he did not like the way I was doing his laundry. So, being the good mother that I am, I told him there was a remedy for that; I introduced him to the washer and never looked back. As each of my children turned that age, I continued. It has been wonderful. Now, I only do mine and my hubby’s laundry. The 2 still at home do their own. Magic!

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