I’m thinking of changing my blog name to “Temples and Vomit”

It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  And it seems like a natural progression from “Diapers and Divinity” because it more accurately reflects where my life is today.  Or yesterday, if I’m going to be really specific.

Yesterday, my family went to the Brigham City temple open house. I love temples because they are peaceful and lovely and the only building I know of where the whole entire thing is an emergency exit. When life feels a little frightening or overwhelming, it’s a safe place for my soul. That’s why I wanted to take my children. Don’t tell anybody official, but we went through the open house twice in a row. Grant wanted to go again because “I like the way it feels.”  Me, too, buddy. Me too.

After we left, we stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, trying to turn the whole event into a special Family Home Evening. In retrospect, when Grant said he didn’t feel very well, I shouldn’t have told him to eat his dinner anyway. I found this little journal entry he wrote on the couch this morning. I’ll let him tell you our tale of woe in his own words:

And you know? Such is life. One minute things are glorious and celestial, and another minute you’re spending an hour in a gas station parking lot trying to figure out how to get the smell of horchata and bean burritos out of your brand new car’s upholstery without vomiting yourself. If we’re honest with ourselves, it seems some days are more vomit than temple, or more diapers than divinity, but today I’m trying to look at it like it’s a penny jar. Every time we see a glimpse of heaven in our children or our blessings or ourselves, it’s like dropping a coin in a jar that we’re saving up for something special. I guess what we end up purchasing with it is a “vacation” if you want to look ahead as far as heaven, but I think we’re earning our wings with each penny. We’re investing in who we know we can be. And like a temple under construction, despite the garbage in the world (or day) around us, we can somehow find and be a safe place for the people we love most.

Countdown to Family Proclamation Celebration: 6 days