So much to celebrate.

We’ve got something really great to look forward to.  Behold:

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I will be teaming up with these fine folks:

Jocelyn of We Talk of Christ, and
Middle-aged Mormon Man of … well, Middle-aged Mormon Man
to celebrate this:
We will have a Proclamation-related post every day from September 17-30th at all four blogs. I have some fantastic guest bloggers lined up, so you won’t want to miss it. This proclamation was written “to the world,” and we hope to share it with as many as we can. Here are a few ways I would love to have you participate:

There will be three “Blog Hops,” which is simply a cute name for an Internet Block Party. We’re inviting you to write a post on your own blog about a topic we’ll all share that day, and then leave a link in a central place (to be announced) where we can all see what everyone has to share.  The scheduled Blog Hops are as follows:

Wed. September 19 – Share an FHE lesson or craft about The Family Proclamation.
Sun. September 23 – Share your personal thoughts, testimony, or faith-promoting experiences with any aspect of the Proclamation.
Wed. September 26 – Family Proclamation Photo Essay – pair photos of your family with different phrases from the Proclamation (as many as you choose). There are examples of photo essays from past celebrations here and here.
Also, I invite you to give away a copy of Family: A Proclamation to the World to someone who maybe has never seen/read it before. Why? Because it’s awesome. And it’s true. Anytime we can help people to love and honor and promote family, it’s a good thing. I’m hoping that on the last day, Sept. 30, you can come share with us how that experience went.  You can order them in brochure form (perfect for giving away) right here for FREE, even with shipping. So please hurry and order some copies and start giving them away because I want to hear all about it.
Hooray. (And all kinds of other celebratory exclamations.) !!!  You ready for this?