The Gift of Giving Life

First of all, I’m not pregnant.  Just want to clear that up from the beginning.

I have, however, been pregnant on at least 3 occasions, and pregnancy and birth are simply a marvel.  I think the birth process is teeming with symbolism about the Savior, and bringing life into the world can be an extremely sacred experience.

This post is a stop on the Virtual Book Tour for The Gift of Giving Life.

A few women I know and respect have contributed to this new book, “The Gift of Giving Life.”  It is very thorough collection of essays from women who address pregnancy, birth, delivery, post-birth, and nursing from a uniquely LDS perspective.

It is a large book with a lot of essays and shared experiences.  Many of them brought me to tears– some for joy, some for pain.  I think the book does a good job of addressing the many different kinds of birth experiences (from home births to scheduled C-sections), but because birth decisions are so personal, it’s always hard to write or read about them without being tainted by one’s own personal experience and preferences.  (Personally, I think we should all let each other handle birth and pregnancy and parenting in general in ways that trust one another’s motherly instincts, personalities, and preferences and spend less time trying to convince each other of why our way of doing things is the best way.  Moms do the best they know to do and we shouldn’t diminish one another’s experiences.  And the book doesn’t do that, but it’s just a little soapbox issue I have.)

Anyway, I recommend the book, with the caveat that the essays and experiences shared within, while inspirational and often very insightful, are personal (some are a little speculative) and do not represent any official LDS doctrine.  It’s a beautiful book that shows a lot of work and research, and it’s a wonderful collection about the joy and spiritual meaning that can be found in our unique role as women and life-givers.

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