Absent blogger’s pathetic plea

Okay, blog Friends: ***FINAL WAR CRY!*** Please help me move into first place in this video contest before the contest ends on May 31st. I’m asking you to help me do a LAST-MINUTE BLITZ to get as many votes as possible in the last two days of the contest. I’m only down by ~150 votes, so even if my readers vote once, I’ll surge into the lead. If you can vote and share today and/or tomorrow, and gather as many votes as possible, then I think we have a great chance of winning the cruise. You have all been so supportive and encouraging (thank you!) and I promise this is the last time I will abuse your generosity! 🙂

[Just click on the link below to vote. No registration or anything necessary. Just click on the orange thumbs-up icon below my video.]


Just to prove that I am still alive, here are some pictures from our Memorial Day weekend camping trip at Kodachrome Basin State Park.  I guess they don’t technically prove I am alive because I *took* the pictures, but isn’t my family lovely?


Brain Damage

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In a homespun version of “Mythbusters,” I have determined that if you go for long stretches of time averaging approximately 4 hours of sleep per night, the result is: brain damage.

I have missed my children’s baseball games, soccer games, gymnastics (all regularly scheduled activities, mind you) while simply languishing in my home or about my business under the influence of said brain damage.  Oh, and everything everyone does bugs me.  I also blame this on brain damage.  I’m working through it.

I’m still in the running to win a cruise at Deseret Book’s “Pretty Darn Funny” Contest.  And by “in the running,” I mean if you go vote for me and push me back into first place, I might actually win.  Voting continues every day until May 31st.  Don’t you think a cruise would cure brain damage?  I sure do.

Vote at this link by simply clicking on the orange “thumbs up” icon under my video. Vote now and vote daily:

“Don’t Tell the Health Department”:  Stephanie’s hilarious story about mothering a small boy.

Also, mother’s day is coming.  I’ve heard rumors that some people hate mother’s day because they feel guilty for not being a perfect mother.  I would like to allay your fears by stating the following:

Mother’s Day is no more for celebrating perfect mothers than going to church is for celebrating perfect people.  We’re all trying, and we should celebrate that we’re surviving so far.

Brain damaged or not.

Carry on.