A Yay!, Ahem., Please?, and LOL.

See? I can blog.

Yay!  Some of you know I’ve been working on a book (for much longer than it should take to write a book). Well, I finished it on Saturday!  Just the writing it part.  Twelve chapters, done. Now I have to edit it like a crazy woman, in about 1/348th of the time it took me to write it, because my goal is to submit it to an editor by the end of this month. If it gets accepted for publication, this blog will wake up and have a party to long be remembered. In case you’re curious, the book is basically a 150-page research paper about the different roles that the Savior played in His ministry, and how motherhood is a reflection of each of those roles.  I promise it’s more exciting than it sounds.

Ahem.  Continuing with the book theme, if you’re looking for a great gift purchase for a friend or family member, consider this one:

I really like it, but I’m biased because I wrote a part of it.  However, a friend at church today told me she loved it because it was uplifting without making her feel guilty at all.  High praise indeed.  If you go to this link, you can find out how to buy a cool Mother’s Day gift package that includes the book, a fancy bookmark, and chocolate truffles for a new discounted price of $20.  You’ll have to order it by May 8th to get it shipped on time, so hustle. If I had any blog button skills, you could order it right here, but alas, nope. If you want to just plain ol’ order it from Amazon, go here. (Also, in light of all the Mormons in the media, this book would be a really nice, non-threatening way to introduce your friends to what it’s like to live life as a Mormon.)

Please?  I just want to give a shout out to a great family I know.  My friend Yolanda and her husband are looking to adopt. They have an adorable son (adoption success story #1 for them) who I taught in nursery, and I can’t think of a more deserving family. If you know of anyone who is considering placing a child for adoption, would you please spread the word about my friends?  Here is a link to their adoption profile.  Thank you kindly.

LOL.  My funny video is in 2nd place right now at that Pretty Darn Funny contest. If you have 5 seconds, will you go right on over here and click on the little orange “thumbs up” icon to vote for me? Matt and I get to go on a cruise (!!!) if I win.  You can vote once a day until May 31st, so, you know, don’t hold back.  🙂 (The video is called “Don’t Tell the Health Department.”)

P.S. I chopped my hair off.  My kids don’t like it, but I think it looks just fine. And it’s easy.  Photographic evidence (before and after):

One more thing.  Tomorrow I start teaching my class at BYU.  I’m excited, but nervous.  Say a prayer for me; I might need it.


18 thoughts on “A Yay!, Ahem., Please?, and LOL.

  1. CONGRATS on finishing the book. Wow!! Huge high five. Lots of exciting things happening for you right now! I love your new look, too. The kids will adjust. Have a fun week embracing your teaching adventure. Love, MoSop

  2. Can’t wait to hear more about your BYU teaching adventures … I am confident you will find some time to blog about them 🙂 !!

    Congrats on finishing your book. I think it sounds incredibly fascinating!!

  3. Have to say that haircut is adorable…it fits you perfectly! 🙂

    And that book sounds wonderful. I hope it’s published, because I’m already dying to read it.

  4. And seriously, the Navy SEAL video is up there in the running? That one wasn’t funny at ALL… she must have lots of family or something :-p The one with the lady rubbing her feet on her dog was hilarious, and I thought it was going to give you a run for your money. Oh, and the shampoo one (which I think is in 3rd place now?) but yours is definitely the best. You’re the best story teller EVER.

  5. I love the new do! I’m all for easier too so if it looks good – why not! Good luk with your class – you’ll do great!

  6. You finishing your book has been hugely inspirational for me. I mean, dang! Two books in one year?! You go, girl!

    I maintain that your haircut looks amazing. Compliments your face shape, makes you look lively and full of energy, and is full of personality.

    Congrats on a successful first day of teaching! 😀

  7. Just stumbled into your blog! Of COURSE I voted for you!! And I do love the updated do (haircut). Very flattering and EASY is the key. Loved your story. What a great kid. At least he talks to you 😉

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