I knew it.

See? I knew you were smart.  And helpful.  Wow, I got so much advice, I’m going to have to hire someone to help me figure it out.  The fact of the matter is that with grocery prices and gas prices both going up as much as they have (and growing, hungrier children + more carpooling and more gas use = higher needs in both categories), our current household budget is just not cutting it.  So I’m either going to have to rethink what we eat and our driving habits or figure out a way to increase the budget.  I’m assuming the best answer requires a little bit of both.

If you haven’t had chance, go back and read all the comments because there’s a lot of good stuff in there.  Also, Lacy rocked the answers to quick-and-easy-and-cheap Christmas gifts.  You should really check out her blog where she wrote me THREE posts with lists of ideas.  (Seriously? I have the best blog friends ever.)

And, in other news:  My baby is now five. (I realize that this makes my blog title totally outdated, but I don’t know what to do about that. It’s figurative now, I guess.)  I survived the party.  Here is some photographic evidence.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since you’re on a roll, I have one more advice question.  I used red hairspray in Natalie’s hair for Halloween (Strawberry Shortcake), but it STILL has not come all the way out. Any ideas?

Sure appreciate ‘ya.  (Said in my best Utah accent.)


3 thoughts on “I knew it.

  1. Adorable pictures. She’s getting so big.

    To get rid of the red hair: Mix a packet of lemonade Koolaid with equal parts clarifying shampoo and put it on her hair. Let sit for about fifteen minutes (we wrap a grocery bag around the head while waiting–a towel would work, too. See picture: http://terrorsintiaras.blogspot.com/search?q=clarified ) Rinse. This strips the hair, so then use a really great deep conditioning conditioner and let that sit for ten or twenty minutes. Rinse. (Use lots of lotion after on your hands, because the lemonade will strip the moisture out. I tried using gloves once, but then I pulled the girls’ hair too much.)

  2. wow. that kool-aid thing is awesome.
    my suggestion is prell. friend of mine in high school dyed her hair wayyyyyy too dark. she washed and washed and washed and washed and darn if that stuff didn’t strip some of the color out.
    the good news about red color is that it does fade fast…

  3. I have the same problem. I used black hairspray for Halloween. It’s not in my hair so much as it is still on my scalp. If I itch my head, my fingers/fingernails come off black. Gross! I’ll be checking back to see what the ideas are. The kool-aid thing sounds interesting, but maybe more for the hair itself than the scalp.

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