GCBC Week 6: “Counsel to Youth” by President Boyd K. Packer

I was surprised that I hadn’t heard anything about this week’s talk yet until I checked this morning and realized that I never actually pushed the publish button yesterday. Sorry about that. I guess I had just saved the draft.

So we all know, of course, that counsel to “youth” is chock-full of counsel to the not-so-young, too, right?  I mean, what’s good for the gosling is good for the goose.  So I loved listening to this with two sets of ears:  one as an adult that can benefit from this counsel in my own life, and another as a parent who will play a hands-on role in raising the next generation.  Both sets of ears learned some really important lessons.  I’m excited to study it more in depth throughout this week.

Counsel to Youth  by President Boyd K. Packer

“I say again that youth today are being raised in enemy territory with a declining standard of morality. But as a servant of the Lord, I promise that you will be protected and shielded from the attacks of the adversary if you will heed the promptings that come from the Holy Spirit.”

Your general conference book club participation so far has been phenomenal, so thank you.  I love reading and sharing your comments.  What lessons did your ears learn from this talk this time around?  Please share your insights in the comment thread below.

To anyone who is checking out GCBC for the first time, the goal is to read one General Conference talk a week and discuss it together as an on-line “book club.”  If you want to learn more, go here, and join the discussion.

I found this in my inbox this morning.  More counsel to youth from Pres. Packer just last night.  Check it out if you have the time.