7 thoughts on “GCBC Week 9: “The Sabbath and the Sacrament” by Elder L. Tom Perry

  1. Loved this talk. Rereading all of these is making me realize how great EVERY talk really was!

    This got me rolling in the New Testament again. It has been a little while since I delved in and it has been good.

    I loved these great reminders:

    – Partaking of the Sacrament should be the CENTER of our Sabbath day observance. I need to do better at preparing for it.
    – I need to do better at completely eliminating worldy distractions.
    – I need to make more of an effort in planning activities for my children to prepare them for the Sacrament and to help them keep the rest of the day holy. To make sure they are well rested, look nice, and are spiritually ready for the day. And while I am at it I need to direct these same things right back at me.
    – Lastly I need to make a more conscious effort to self-investigate and self-inspect so that I can rectify my course and become better.

    So, so good.

    • The big message that stuck out to me was making the sabbath simpler. I have been getting the kids ready for church by myself for the past few weeks and have simplified the morning in order to cope. The result has been we get to church early and fairly calm each week. It’s kind of crazy that without my husband here to help I am doing better at getting to church on time!

      I’ve also turned off the computer on Sunday the past few weeks. I think there are good things you can do with computers on Sunday but for me its too distracting and keeps me from enjoying the Sabbath with my kids.

  2. I appreciated his advice to use the Sacrament as a time to reflect on our conduct. As my kids have gotten older and are “mostly” reverent during the Sacrament, I have been trying to use that time to think over the past week and see where I could have done better.

  3. Loved this talk. Has inspired me to prepare better for the sabbath, and prepare activities for my family that help them feel the spirit of the sabbath day. Any ideas??

  4. As others mentioned, I’ve LOVED re-reading these talks. They’re all wonderful! I remember thinking as Elder Perry spoke how wonderful the New Testament really is. Because of Sunday School I started reading it again this year; it must have been a few years since I’ve done that – especially beyond the gospels – because it all seemed so new. It was great to be reminded that we can find treasures in ALL of our scriptures.

    A few weeks ago, my husband was asked to give a sacrament meeting talk based on this address in our Spanish branch. I’m not fluent in Spanish, but as I typed it up for him I realized that he was sharing my commitment to always wear a dress all day long on Sunday. That was a habit from my childhood – although we’d change out of our “Sunday best” dress into a regular school dress after meetings – so I never really thought about it. But I realized that it really does make a difference, and it’s such a little thing.

    As far as ideas for others, here are a few we’ve tried. Saturday preparation makes a huge difference, especially going to bed on time! When the kids were little, I’d re-pack the Sunday diaper bag on Monday so it would always be ready. Many, many years ago we decided to not have the tv on at all on Sunday (except for general conference and CES firesides). We don’t play computer or video games. We do use our stereo system to have the hymns playing, and that really invites the Spirit. Sundays are busy – we have a lot of meetings – but we eat dinner as a family (and don’t worry about the dishes) and we call our parents and kids who’ve left home. If there’s time, we’ll play a family game or invite another family over for dinner (stake conference day is good for that). It may not be a day of rest and leisure, but it’s definitely a day to be refreshed.

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