Oh, sweet irony.

I’m over here today.

I wrote that post over a month ago, but isn’t it funny that it went up today, the day after my own little meltdown?

Yep, hilarious.

Thank you for your kind comments.  Some brought tears to my eyes, and they were all kind and encouraging. It really did help.

I also had to study some of the life of the Savior for a class I helped to teach, and that helped too.  A lot.

So, again, bad days are okay.  And we move on.


4 thoughts on “Oh, sweet irony.

  1. I think the best testimonies and pep talks I’ve received are the ones I wrote and reread. Glad things are better today. You are doing amazing work — thanks for your example!

  2. That was just perfect. I needed that so much today- right now. Stephanie, I hope you know how much better I feel about motherhood and just life in general whenever I stop by your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom- it is so greatly appreciated.

    *sigh* Okay, time to find a towel to dry my keyboard. This is a good one, it handles tears surprisingly well. 🙂

  3. You know, I believe that we are entitled to personal revelation and sometimes we can give ourselves our very own pep talk even if we didn’t plan it! Maybe you were supposed to write that just so that is would be posted on the day you needed it most to help you remember how strong you are and to strengthen your faith. That is just how loving our Father in Heaven really is. 🙂 Hope you have a happy day!

  4. Its times like these where I read about what people say about motherhood that makes me re-think and wonder about being part of that. Not that I would purposely prevent it, but its scary for us folks on this side of the line. And I know motherhood is not a walk in the park, solely based off of what I remember from *my* mom when I was a kid. *We* were not a walk in the park, and I know her life was hard, and a lot of it was our fault. But I also know that she is proud from where she sees things (or so I hope? maybe being on the other side of the veil sheds more light on some things?). I know she wouldn’t trade us for anything in the world, and I guess thats where I go back to thinking motherhood is and will be worth it to me someday.

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