It must be the holidays or something because I am feeling the busy.


Congratulations to Rebecca Irvine, who won Jana Parkin’s beautifully illustrated book “What Think Ye of Christmas?”. It’s available for sale through Jana’s site if you’re interested in getting your own copy.


Clark rode a sled down the mountain in our back yard and crashed into our house with his head.  He got a concussion, and after the CT scan, we discovered he also had a skull fracture.  His guardian angels must have been working overtime that day because, other than the big shiny black eye, he has managed to come out of it unscathed.  It could have been so bad.  I’m so glad he’s okay.


Matt took Natalie to urgent care tonight, and (go ahead, take a guess . . . . ) she has ANOTHER urinary tract infection.  Only she got this one while she’s been on antibiotics for over a month, so ???!?.  I’m assuming this means back to the children’s hospital we go for more testing.  Oh yay.


Over on Cocoa’s blog, she has an excellent download available.  I used it to create a one-page document with scripture readings for every day of December– Christmas Advent calendar style.  You can click here to download it if you want a copy.


Things get crazy, but I love Christmas time.  It’s for lots of reasons, but partly just because I love Jesus Christ, and I love it when the world pays more attention to Him.


I had my annual exam with Dr. Ladyparts today and survived.  I may or may not have held back tears when I got weighed.  (I don’t have a scale at my house and I really did not want to know.)


If I could create a fictional character to really put my heart into this Christmas, it would be a laundry fairy.  Sorry, Santa, but I have real needs.  And most of them require wands and such.


Can we make a little December pact?  You have permission to ignore my blog.  And so do I.  I anticipate a significant slow-down in blogging to compensate for the acceleration of so many other things. We’ll still love each other next year, right?


23 thoughts on “Microposts

  1. Oh Stephanie, I just like you. I for one would love to have a laundry fairy over a santa any day! And what a blessing your son was alright. What a scary thing! And I love your reason for loving Christmas more than any other reason I have ever heard. You make me happy. Have fun with your business this year.

  2. Thanks SO much for pulling the daily scripture/song from that wonderful download Cocoa had available; I sat down this morning at the computer to do just that and it had already been done for me! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Stephanie, I saw you comment on my blog about winning (yay!) and have tried to send you an e-mail twice, but both addresses I have for you did not work. Maybe you could send me an e-mail to respond to? I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. That black eye is a beauty! Glad it was nothing worse.

    I can’t get the file to open. It’s all cobligook when it does. You know I am so lazy I want the one page document too. 😀 When you have time could you maybe e-mail it to me? THANKS!

  5. Thanks for the link to the scripture list! My plan is to have a dinner devotional this month! (we’ll see how long that lasts–I think I just might tape it to the table to remind me).

    I am so with you on the Laundry Fairy.

    I hope the children recover quickly.

  6. Here’s to 2011 being medically wonderful. No more UTI’s or skull fractures.

    I love Christmas, too, and I’m trying to figure out how to get life to slow down so I can actually enjoy it.

  7. Nice shiner on Clark!!! I am so glad he is ok and poor Natalie. I hope you find answers soon. You crack me up with the Dr. Ladyparts as well. I have been ignoring my blog for a while now (hard trial to deal with right now). But ignoring yours isn’t as easy!

  8. I refuse to accelerate this year. My major event with our non-profit is past, I’m determined not to spend money I don’t have so shopping should take me maybe one afternoon, the decorating is as done as it’s getting, and we’ll do one FHE of making and delivering treats to the neighbors. The rest of the month is movies, music, and family. (And reading whatever blogs are still posting!)

  9. I hear you on the laundry fairy bit. I’ve been good at keeping it all clean… but putting it away is another story.

    Your brother mentioned Clark’s skull fracture (Sorry, I already only check blogs every so often) — I’m so glad he’s alright! And sorry Natalie’s having trouble again 😦

  10. It seems I’m getting back into blogging just as everyone else is fading out for the holidays. Oh, well. I guess it’ll just be easier to stay caught up. Merry Christmas!

  11. I’ve been thinking a lot about you and your family- I know the medical roller coaster all too well, and was actually picturing the ER and the CT scanner as you were telling your story.

    My blogging time has obviously been limited, but I wanted you to know I was sending my best wishes your way. I’m glad your son is ok, and hope that things with Natalie can get cleared up soon.

  12. Stephani,
    You do not have to publish this comment on your blog, but I just wanted to let you know that My Daughter had suffered from several U.T.I.’s when she was younger (just like Natalie.) It is a very hard and frustrating thing for both your Daughter and You. One Nurse was really inspired when she told me this info… She said that these are the best things to help out with U.T.I.’s….
    1. Make sure she is wiping front to back.
    2. Have her sit on the potty backwards (it opens it up for her to get more urine out.)
    3. Make sure she is changing her underwear often (or use non-scented pantyliners, they really keeps it clean and dry.)
    4. No bubble baths, I just had my Daughter start taking showers instead (that way there is no sitting in water for a long period of time.)
    5. Drinking a lot of water or Cranberry juice, and when she needs to go to the bathroom to go.
    6. I also spoke with her Teachers and told them to let her go any time she needed to, and if they could see that she needed to go to tell her to go.
    7. And last, (my Neighbor gave me this idea) to have her use pro-biotics (in place on antibiotics, when she gets an infection.) You can buy the pills at the health food store and just open a tablet and have her lick her finger and then dip it in the powder and lick it again. It really works. I was getting so tired of being put on antibiotics, and then my Daughter would get sick from them (not to mention her body becoming immune to the antibiotics.)

    I really hope this can help you out in some way.

    Take Care,
    Michelle 🙂

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