Parental Preference

Natalie is a daddy’s girl. One night while I was tucking her into bed, she told me, “I like daddy better than you.” “Why?” I asked. She responded matter-of-factly, “Because daddy smells like truck, and I like the smell of truck.”

Alrighty then.

The other day (after reading one of those horrible news stories) I breached the subject of child molesters while she and I were driving in the car together. Basically, it was a 3-year-old-level discussion about appropriateness and safety, etc. When I told her that she could always come talk to me and daddy about anything, she rolled her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

“Is this embarrassing to talk about?” She shook her head no. “Is it silly?” She sighed and said, “No, but I’m going to talk about it to daddy instead because I like him better than you.”

Oh, right. I reassured her she could talk to either one of us about anything and if she wanted to talk to her daddy about it, that was fine.

This weekend I’m taking a little girlfriend-type getaway. I’m going to meet up with a few bloggy friends and do important stuff like talk and eat food. I’m really looking forward to it. Every time I mention it to Natalie, she gets all pouty and doesn’t want me to go.

This morning, I reminded her I’m leaving soon and she made the most disapproving face she could. I said, “You’ll be fine. You like daddy better anyway, remember?” She softened a little and said, “But you’re the best cooker in the whole world.”

Take that, Matt. You may smell like truck, but I can make a mean chocolate chip cookie.


16 thoughts on “Parental Preference

  1. Awwwwww! It’s nice to get those little snippets of the child’s version of gratitude for your motherly efforts. It makes all the rest of the trouble worth it.

    “Truck” would be a great name for a cologne.

  2. too funny! I’m proud to say that my kids still usually prefer me! Especially at bedtime! 🙂 Although I remember being upset when Guy was first born, because he cried for me and was quiet for daddy. I had myself convinced that my newborn loved my husband and hated me…for about two days…then I snapped out of it! LOL

  3. Great post! Baby is definitely a Daddy’s Girl. Whenever I give her an Eskimo kiss, she immediately asks for her daddy. I think he might sneak her chocolate when I’m no looking. But my two older kids prefer me because I’m the one that takes them to McD’s. I’m so glad I know how to buy their love.

    • That is so cute! Isn’t it great that you are the best cook, and she is so sad that you are going away. That is what I call adorable! See, she does adore you still. Kids make me laugh. Have fun at your getaway.

  4. I loved this post! so cute 🙂 I think my Dad smelled a bit like a truck too now that I think about it…

    Natalie’s eyes are GORGEOUS by the way…. wow! 🙂

    I hope you have a fun weekend

  5. Kids are so honest. My kids sluffed school today to go see their grandparents that they never see. When they got there, Christian told the grandparents how excited the boys were to visit them. Then Aidan (5 years old) piped up, “Actually, I didn’t want to come. Dad made me. I didn’t want to miss school.” Well, at least he’s honest 🙂

    Natalie sure is cute though!

  6. I love it. I red bubble-heart love it! Especially since just today, My 3yo told me that I was not his favorite. Just daddy was. Broke my heart a little.

    But he was sad that I was leaving this weekend, too – and neither he nor his daddy can get enough of my chocolate chip cookies.

    So I still have a place in this world. 🙂

  7. So Cute! It hurts a little though doesn’t it? My son told us he likes me better than Daddy. When asked why, he responded that I am “softer.” Not sure if I want to kiss him or whack him one LMBO (laughing my butt off, I modified it 🙂

  8. My daughter does that to me, too! Once she asked me if our spirits floated to heaven when we died. After a lengthy conversation and me telling her that I really didn’t know, she annoyingly said she was going to ask her father, because, you know, “He knows the answer to the IMPORTANT questions.” Hmph!

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