Pictures worth 29 words

The challenge was to submit a photo that represents some aspect of this quote by Elder M. Russell Ballard :

“Recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction.”

Behold the entries:

1. MaryAnn:


2. Lisa:


3. Helen:


4. Charlotte:


5. Liana:


6. Jocelyn:


7. Laurie:


8.  Shantel:

9.  Sara:


10. Stacy:


11.  Wendy:


12. Velda:


13.  Kim:

Aren’t they great?  Originally I said I would pick my 3 favorites for a vote, but after I looked at them all, I felt a little spineless.  Who says my three favorites would be your three favorites?  So VOTE FOR YOUR THREE FAVORITE PHOTOS that best express Elder Ballard’s quote to you.  Each computer gets one vote with three choices.  This is just the honor system, folks.  I’ll leave voting open for the week and announce the winner next Monday.  Whoever gets the most votes — is the most people’s favorite– will win.  Besides the coveted highlight spot on my sidebar, I’ll think of something else lovely as a little prize too.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

THE POLL IS OPEN UP THERE ON MY SIDEBAR.  GO VOTE!!!  And thanks for being such awesome moms.


11 thoughts on “Pictures worth 29 words

  1. Thank you, thank you for allowing us to vote for more than one!

    So many great photos! Thanks everyone for entering them! Each photo is so special and unique…love it!

    • 4, 9, 12.

      There. I was the first person to do it.

      And as I did, you commented on my last post. I love these sympatico moments in the blogging world. They always make me smile – as did all the photos shared here.

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