You kind of rocked October.

October felt like a good month for blogging.  The new round of GCBC got up and running (and I’m loving all the new participation, by the way), and I don’t know, things just kind of felt abuzz in Blogworld.  I got a lot of great entries for the Motherhood photo contest, which I’ll probably post for your voting starting tomorrow.  I got a few entries for the fake General Conference talk thing, so if you’re still thinking about writing one, go ahead and do it and send it in soon so I can feature it sometime in November.

I also read a lot of great posts out there by talented cyberfriends, so I wanted to share some of my favorites.  It’s kind of a long list, so I marked my top three or four with a red star in case you’re intimidated by the quantity.  But they’re all great, so if you want to sit back and read some good stuff, leave the folks a little comment love and let them know you dropped by and admired their work.  My criteria for picking favorites is super-vague.  It’s either something profound, memorable, teaches a lesson I needed to learn, made me laugh on a day I needed to, or it’s simply something I can relate to well.  Anyway, I hope it helps you narrow down some good reading.  If you’re a “winner,” click on the award for details.

I Got an “F” in Laundry Today, and I’m Totally Okay With That from Overstuffed by Lara

*Thank Heaven for dirty dishes from Regarding Annie by annie valentine

In our Lovely Deseret from Blog Segullah by Jennie

In Which I Sing the Praises of my Husband from Mommy Snark by MommyJ

What family scripture study is really like from (in)Sanity Stories by Stacy

*I Know Where’s Susan’s Going to Be… from Divergent Pathways by charrette

Learn More About Church Leaders from Becoming LDS by Becoming LDS

Teaching Evie to Give Her Socks to the Janitor from Away From It All by LisAway

*My Life is Not my Own from Mommy Snark by MommyJ

*Keeper of Bad Days from Mormon Mommy Blogs by Charlotte

I Know Why The Free Bird Swings from Rabbit in the Headlights by Vern

Slow Down from Blog Segullah by Melissa M

And in the humor category:

Anyone Call for a Slayer? from My Real Life Was Backordered by DeNae

Every Night Has Been a Dark Knight from Pulsipher Predilections by Kristina P.

The Party from Hyperbole and a Half (I don’t usually read this blog, but stumbled on this post and LAUGHED.)

If you have a post you read this month that you just loved, feel free to leave the link and share your find.  Have a great week.  Stay tuned for great motherhood photos.

Oh, wait.  Obligatory Halloween picture:

(Clark as a knight. Grant as Harry Potter. Natalie had costume meltdown because her ballerina clothes were “bothering” her, so she decided to be a cat instead. It was cold and rainy, so she lasted for 2 houses and went home to hand out candy with daddy. So no pictures of her; too much drama.)  Our kids put half their candy in a bowl and leave it on the back porch for The Great Pumpkin, who whisks it away and leaves a small toy in its stead.  (Very private note:  Matt and I ate a lot of candy at approximately 11 p.m. last night.)  How was your Halloween?


13 thoughts on “You kind of rocked October.

  1. Thanks Stephanie!

    And I missed several of these posts, so I’m off to look at them.

    I usually buy my children’s Halloween candy from them, but with the crazy three-day long celebration, I somehow lost control of their bags and they ate most of it before I could even get to it. What was left wasn’t worth 10 dollars so I decided they might as well just keep it. Lucky them.

  2. I feel like a rock star for having my name mentioned twice. Thank you ever so much. And, like Lara, I’ve missed more than I’ve read this past month so I’m so glad to have your list as a guide. And… now I’m on the look out for some great posts I can highlight in turn.

  3. Thank you so much, the red star made me shout out loud. I see some names I don’t read, I’ll be sure to swing by. You’re the best.

  4. Wow, I’m so honored to see that little red star next to my post! Thank you.

    I missed a lot of these too. I’m not too overwhelmed by the list, so I’m going to stop by and read what moved you this month.

  5. Wow- thanks for the shout out!

    And can I just say, I love the picture? The only photos I got this Halloween were camera phone photos, so you can hardly even see my kids, let along the costumes. And I think my 7 year old spent more time crying about her costume than she did wearing it. And yes, we had soaked trick-or-treaters too.

  6. Thanks…I love that you linked to mine even though it was simply just a link to So nice! P.S. My most recent post/talk in church was half inspired by you/Sister Beck. Thanks for all of your thoughts. You’ve had me thinking.

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