Just in case you thought YOUR children were crazy…

Because I have no pride, I sometimes let my kids do videos with me while I’m still in my pajamas with bedhead.  Clark’s been obsessed with the music I burned to give to my Zumba teacher, so he asked if he could make a movie of us dancing to it.

We tried.  I think I need a Tylenol.

p.s.  I already know this room is trapped in 1970s purgatory. It’s my least favorite room in the house.  Someday we’ll fix it.


13 thoughts on “Just in case you thought YOUR children were crazy…

  1. That’s your bedhead?! I’ll trade ya. 🙂
    When my son heard your son roaring on the computer, he was like “Can I See?!” Roaring must be part of quintessential boyhood.

  2. I can’t get my video to work!!!! ARGH!! oh man, as soon as Zeke gets home from work, that will be his first task…. I’ve gotta see this

  3. Hahaha! I loved your “oh my goodness what have I gotten myself into” look and your “my children are so weird” look too. That video shows me that maybe my kids act just the same as yours sometimes. Great video.

  4. Loved the video! You and your kids are gorgeous! (people really do look better in real life don’t they – unless they are really good at photoshopping themselves hehehe)

    I just smiled because my boy would have done exactly what yours did. I loved what Sarah from Clover Lane (http://memoriesoncloverlane.blogspot.com/2010/05/answers-to-questions-part-uno.html)had to say about raising boys, and I thought you might too.

    I learned the part about what she said about toddler boys the hard way, because I had 2 quiet girls first. So what she says about active toddler boys is totally true in my case!

    “What is the BESTEST tip/s you have about raising boys?
    I would LOVE to hear what u have to say about bonding with your sons.
    Boys love their mothers. They just want to please you! They are all tender hearted underneath that car bashing, pillow fighting, sibling wrestling exterior.
    Here’s a couple things:
    Baby boys are born starving. You can’t nurse them enough. All my boys stuck to a 2 hour schedule all day and all night and there was no way around it. If they cry, they are hungry.
    Toddler boys are puppies. Run them, walk them, give them something active to do. They need to get their energy out. Don’t expect them to sit at your feet while you talk to your friends for hours or not touch fragile things in grandma’s house for an entire afternoon. It’s impossible.
    And don’t take them shopping unless you have to, and if you have to, you better go fast.
    Kids and Teens…spend one on one time with them. Make them feel older…give them responsibility and show them that you are proud of them. Take your 13 year old to that car crash/espionage/detective movie and who cares if someone says a bad word…he won’t even notice. But he will love that you love something that he loves.
    Compliment them on their sport’s skills. Make them open up and talk to you. Pinch them if you have to…that’s what I do to my oldest. I keep pinching him till it hurts so bad he has to tell me what I know is bothering him. He always ends up laughing and blurting it out.
    DON’T ever say “Oh boys will be boys” and turn your head and rude or bad behavior. That is a nasty excuse and leads to raising brats and bullies.
    Teach them manners. Not everyone thinks your kids are as cute as you do. No burping, farting, interrupting on the phone, interrupting in person, talking about gross things at the table, pushing, shoving. A boy with manners attracts nice girls, one of those girls will be your daughter-in-law, and will control when, if, how and why you see your son and grandchildren.
    Get it?”

  5. Wow, you are brave. I am so happy to see that my sons aren’t the only ones who act that way (especially when the camera comes out)! And I’m excited that you started Zumba. I just went to my first class on Friday, and am already hooked. I’ll give you some stiff competition in the uncoordinated department, though. 🙂

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I used your blog to do research my Relief Society lesson. It was on “Mothers and Daughters.” I loved finding all the most inspirational quotes on motherhood in one place. Thank you!!

  6. Steph, I asked Zeke to do just one thing tonight, and that was to get my video working so I could see this… thanks for the laugh, my kids and I loved it… but now they want to make a video. Your son looks so much like Matt — but I don’t know if we ever saw Matt dance like that! 🙂

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