Laundry Limericks

It’s the Diapers and Divinity Spring Poetry Contest(Roaring applause heard from all six readers even though they’re really jealous because they wish this crown could be theirs.)

I loved all your poems.  Thanks to everyone who was adventurous enough to participate.  🙂

Vote for your favorite limerick about laundry.  Here are the finalists:

There once was a girl in a quandary,
For she had at least ten loads of laundry
To do in a day
But there just was no way
To finish without magic wand-ery

Lara at Overstuffed

The piles are climbing the walls
The shirts, the pants and the overalls.
Oh, when will it end?
I think I need a friend-
Oh, help me it’s spilled to the halls.

– Jessica

It’s a blessing to do everyday,
To serve my family this way.
I have to repeat it
Until I believe it,
For laundry will not go away.

– MaryAnne

I’m the luckiest girl in creation,
there are no bounds to my giddy elation!
My husband once volunteered,
now it’s been seven years:
I’m on permanent laundry vacation!

Becca at Come What May and Love It

The official ballot:

I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday.  (I know, it kind of puts the Oscars and Emmys and stuff to shame, but we’ll try not to rub it in.)